Trekking to the Base of Wailua Falls?

Trekking to the Base of Wailua Falls? Better Safe Than Sorry Wailua Falls We were in Kauai, the Garden Island and wanted to see and do everything that Mother Nature had to offer us. There were beaches, hikes, views, waves and WATER FALLS and MORE! There’s so... read more

Westin Vancouver

Westin Bayshore Sleeping Down the Street from 1,001 Acres of Outdoor Fun As an SPG Gold member, I usually try to stay at a Westin when I travel, especially on these weekend trips when I try to maximize my time in each location. Having the 4 pm checkout is a total plus... read more

Tokyo Travel Tips

Tokyo Travel Tips for a Great Trip to Japan F8T Tips for Tokyo Mobile Hotspot Comes in Handy! Surprisingly, unlike a lot of large metropolitan cities, finding free WiFi is hard to come by in Tokyo and if you’re like us and constantly trying to figure out the best... read more

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace Palace of Palaces, the Original Seat of Japanese Power As we’ve traveled to various countries within Southeast Asia recently, we’ve had opportunities to take a look at the various palace grounds. With that said, we knew we just had to... read more

Memories of Penang’s Chicken Rice

Tho Yuen Restaurant Home of Chicken Rice Walking into this restaurant I’m immediately reminded of my younger days when my Mom would take me to visit this restaurant for chicken rice. Walking into this restaurant one may wonder how this differentiates from the at least... read more

Thoughts on Vietnam

Observations and Thoughts on Vietnam Things Seen, Heard, and Tasted in Hanoi and Saigon Honking is everywhere- no matter what time of the day it is or where you are; expect to hear honking from everyone. It doesn’t matter what size vehicle you drive or the size of the... read more

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