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Memories of Penang’s Chicken Rice

Tho Yuen Restaurant Home of Chicken Rice Walking into this restaurant I’m immediately reminded of my younger days when my Mom would take me to visit this restaurant for chicken rice. Walking into this restaurant one may wonder how this differentiates from the at least... read more

Thoughts on Vietnam

Observations and Thoughts on Vietnam Things Seen, Heard, and Tasted in Hanoi and Saigon Honking is everywhere- no matter what time of the day it is or where you are; expect to hear honking from everyone. It doesn’t matter what size vehicle you drive or the size of the... read more

Good Bai Tu Long Bay

Bye Bai Tu Long | Day 3 Last But Not Least The final day started with an early 7 am breakfast, since we were still adjusting with the time zones and also went to bed fairly early and that was just fine by me. Breakfast again was z simple western style affair with... read more

The Cave Dinner of Bai Tu Long Bay

Paradise Cave | Night of Day 3 Dinner   in a Cave? This was the reason we chose to go with Indochina Junk, that Cave Dinner and it was finally upon us. The night was here, today was the day and everything would be revealed. We had not heard much other than the limited... read more

Less Traveled Path of Indochina

Hazy and Lazy Indochina Days | Day 2 A Day of Fun with the Hopes of Some Sun Day two started off with an opportunity for coffee/tea served at 7:30 am and breakfast served at 8 am. Since the previous day was overcast and cold, we were crossing our fingers that we would... read more

The Waters of Bai Tu Long Bay

Ba Tu Long Bay | Day 1 It’s Brisk In February Our luxury van was slated to arrive at 7:30 am – 7:40 am and boy were they punctual! As we waited in the lobby of our hotel, we were excited to see a beautiful van with leather appointed seats pull up. A kind... read more

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