10 Places in Singapore for Your Crazy Rich Asian Tour

by Jun 8, 2019

Going to Singapore? Watched Crazy Rich Asians?

Now you can see a lot the same scenes in person when you’re in Singapore for FREE!

Crazy Rich Asian Movie Singapore Tour tl;dr

  • Do it on your time!
  • This is free (minus mass transit fees)!
  • You’re going to burn calories with all the walking you do (so you can eat more)!

Everyone loves movies and if you’re reading this post then you more than likely watched the American Asian romantic comedy set against the Singaporean cityscape; highlighting Rachel’s misadventures in falling in love with one of the rich elite. And if you’re in Singapore, you more than likely want to see some of the scenes from the movie.

DISCLAIMER |  A number of scenes from the movie are actually filmed in Malaysia…

That aside, there are still a number of important scenes filmed at iconic Singaporean locations. You can reach all of them by foot, car, bus or MRT subway or some combination.

Here they are listed in order as seen in the movie and the closest MRT stations; there may be bus stations that are more convenient.

1 | Terminal 3 @ Changi Airport – Welcome to Singapore Scene

Changi Airport MRT

You’ll be landing here and depending on what terminal you land in will determine what cool things you can see immediately. But if you want to breathe the same air space that the cast filmed at, head over to the departure level of terminal 3!

Food Layflat Newton Hawker Singapore

2 | Newton Food Centre –  Food After Landing Scene

Closest Station | Newton MRT

Initially, I thought in the movie they went to the first major food hawker near the airport either at Changi Village Hawker Centre or maybe East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Through the power of movie magic, they went traveled from the airport through most of downtown to get to Newton Food Centre where Nick was able to show off his foreign language food ordering skills!

3 | Raffles Hotel – Nick and Rachel’s Hotel Stay

Closest Station | City Hall MRT

WATCH OUT! Go here knowing that Raffles Hotel is still closed to renovations till, they say, “Middle of 2019.” Hopefully it’ll be open when you go!

4 | 4 Cluny Park – Peik Lin’s House

Closest Station | Botanic Gardens MRT

Street View

A short hop, skip and jump away from the MRT station is the once gilded home of Peik Lin. If you’re still interested it may still be available for rent/purchase in the affluent Tanglin area next to the Botanical Gardens.

5 | Humpback – “Bok Bok Bitch” Scene

Closest Station | Outram MRT

I know you just want to go there and yell out that funny line! While you’re there, grab a bite and drink too!

Chijmes hall interior Singapore

6 | CHIJMES Hall – Colin’s and Araminta’s Wedding Scene

Closest Station | City Hall MRT

Get your fancy outfit to go to the wedding of the century! When you’re done looking at the interior, walk around Chijmes to learn more about the complex went from convent, to orphanage, modern day shopping, restaurant, and bar destination.

Supertree Night Lights MBS Singapore

7 | Supertree Grove – Colin’s and Araminta’s Wedding Reception Scene

Closest Station | Bayfront MRT

Depending on whether you want the full experience, you could cut your walk to the grove by taking a bus, but take the long walk over the bridge from the station, through the mall, and then out the back of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel see the area in all it’s glory.

F8T Tip | Go 2 times; once earlier in the day and see the sunrise and neighboring domes at Gardens By the Bay AND then go back at night to see the “trees” light up and the light show in front of the mall!

8 | Waterfront  –  Nick Proposes to Rachel Scene

Closest Station | Raffles Place MRT / City Hall MRT

You’ll have choices of which station to exit to get to this famous scene:

  • If you’re coming from Raffles, you can change some currency in the area and swing by the Merlion statue.
  • If you’re coming from City Hall, you can do some shopping and explore by the National Gallery.

Either way, head toward Lim Bo Seng Memorial and then look for the waterfront facing the large boat shaped hotel in the sky, Marina Bay Sands, to find the geometric steps.

9 | Ann Siang Road – Nick’s Mom Plays Mahjong with Rachel Scene

Closest Station | Telok Ayer MRT

Street View

In the movie, you’ll see Michelle Yeoh’s character, Eleanor, walking down a hallway to face off with Rachel over a game of mahjong.

What you may not know is that in reality, only the hallway she walked through was actually in Singapore, where as the mahjong scene was filmed in Penang, Malaysia.

Pool Party MBS Singapore

10 | Engagement Party – CÉ LA VI Scene

Closest Station | Bayfront MRT

Since you followed my earlier advice to go back to the Supertree Grove twice (once in the morning and another at night), you need to reward yourself and stop by at the ship in the sky, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, to party like a Crazy Rich Asian at their rooftop bar, CÉ LA VI!

Grab a drink, take in the view, and consider getting a room at the MBS (Marina Bay Sands) just for a night so you can take a dip in the large pool too!

F8T Tip | You need to be a guest to go in the pool. There are great views from that pool, but keep in mind, you won’t be seeing sunrise from there since it comes up on the other side of the hotel!

Crazy Rich Asian Movie Singapore Tour


What was your favorite scene in Crazy Rich Asians?

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