18 Tokyo Reminders to Visit the Old Tsukiji Market

by Oct 18, 2018

“is there still anything over there to eat?”

“yeah there is! tons of things…”

Tsukiji Market 築地市場 tl;dr

  • Home of the Tuna Fish Auctions
  • The Busiest Fish Market in the World
  • Treasure Trove of Tasty Seafood Delicacies

Signage Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

Tsukiji Market, typically one of the many things on most people’s list of Things to Do in Tokyo during their visit has moved as of early October 2018. And with any such moves, things change for better or for worse. Some shops have moved, some have stayed and others have closed down. Here are some memories of Tsukiji before their short move to their new South East location.

Map Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

The Old Inner Market Map

Here’s an old Tsukiji tourist guide map of the Inner Market. I hear the future of this site is still up for contention. Will it be become a parking lot for a future Winter Olympics? Will they transform it into something more food oriented? We will all see when it happens.

Men at Work in the Early Hours Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 02

The Early Bird Get the Worm

Early morning hours when the real work gets done between vendors and buyers.

Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

The Inner Market Facility

By the time the sun comes up, most, if not all of the the action packed large scale fish mongering is done and over with.


The Outer Market and Namiyoke Inari Jinja Temple

Here’s a temple that has been here since the before and will still be here afterward the move. The rest of the Outer Market is a foodie neighborhood of everything the sea has to offer.

Shrimp Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

Grilled Shrimp

So many perfectly grilled shrimp!

Tamago Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan


Who doesn’t love tamago? They come in so many choices, some with fill and most without.

Crab Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 02


And then there’s a couple of these hard shelled many legged red things…

Crab Shrimp and Clam Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

And some crab legs and more shrimp!

Crab Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 04

Did I mention that there are crabs?

Clam Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 02

The People of Tsukiji Market

Vendors will always be the draw for most people with their cooking talent!

Grilled Clam Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 02

And Then There’s Shellfish

Look at that clam!

Mochi Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

It’s Not All Seafood

There’s also other foods to be had like these sweet mochi like bites.

Uni and Oyster Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

There’s Still More Seafood

And there’s also other kinds of seafood like oysters and sea urchin.

Clam Seller Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan 05

There’s more shellfish than you can possibly eat. But it’ll be fun trying!

Sushizanmai Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

Tried and True Tsukiji Market Restaurants

If you want to step into the comfort only a roof and 4 walls can provide, the restaurants are also solid food choices, and some food destinations in their own right.

Beer Vending Machine Tsukiji Market Tokyo Japan

Wash It All Down

Nothing goes better with seafood than a cold beer. There’s plenty of vending machines to help you out during your feeding frenzy.

No Place Like Home

One day we’ll head back to see what it’s all like. Hopefully it will be just as busy and bursting with life as we last saw it. I’m sure the new Toyosu Market will be worth visiting but with all the street food and more importantly street culture more than likely staying put, I’ll always make it a point to stop by for a bite or 5.

And so should you.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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