20 Singapore Must Eats When You Visit

by Nov 7, 2018

I love finding food! I love eating food! I love telling ya’ll about where to get food!

With one of the largest populations in the modern world, there a lot of people to feed and nearly just as many ways to feed them. There are a lot of Chinese people there. Home of Cantonese food, people and culture.

These are things to eat!

1 Singapore Must Eat | CRAB

Super local open air restaurant that has the best crabs, steamed buns, and all manner of zi char dishes. Don’t forget that this family fed Anthony Bourdain!


Steak New Ubin Seafood Singapore

2 Singapore Must Eat | Steak and Seafood

High quality, easily accessible air conditioned restaurant that has it all! The can cook you up crabs, steaks, foie and more.

New Ubin Seafood


Signage Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

3 Singapore Must Eat | HAWKER

Don’t be fooled by the other hawkers in the area! If you didn’t go up to the 2nd floor, you’re in the wrong place. Find beer, xlb, chicken rice and more all here here.


Half Chicken Tong Fong Fatt Singapore 02

4 Singapore Must Eat | CHICKEN RICE

My personal favorite chicken rice. The sauce is tastier, there’s typically no wait, and it’s $9 SGD for half a chicken. Win Win!

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice


Tanglin Fried Oyster Omelette Singapore

5 Singapore Must Eat | OYSTER OMELETTE

Nadia’s favorite oyster omelette and she’s particular about the flour to egg ratio. I, myself, love the huge oysters! It’s the best compromise.

Tanglin Oyster Omelette

Salted Egg Fish Skin Huat Huat Singapore 02


6 Singapore Must Eat | SALTED EGG FISH SKIN

Salted Egg Fish Skin! I know it’s a hit or miss with most people, but this dish is typically a crowd please. They serve it hot and fresh to you.

Huat Huat Restaurant


Dumpling Meal Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao Singapore

7 Singapore Must Eat | XLB

Full bursting XLB flavor at a fraction of the cost of bigger names. Keep in mind they are closed Monday and Tuesday!

Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao


J2 Famous Crispy Curry Puff Singapore

8 Singapore Must Eat | CURRY PUFF

This is so good! The flaky crispy crust along with the savory filling. You get to pick from either the curry chicken, pepper chicken or sardine. They are all good!

J2 Famous Crispy Curry Puff


Satay and Sauce Shi Xiang Satay Singapore

9 Singapore Must Eat | SATAY

This is right next to a beer hawker and a salted egg fish skin spot that goes well together along with pitchers of beer. We argue whether this is the best satay in Singapore. You can join the debate after eating your fill. Don’t forget to dip your stick in the pineapple peanut sauce.

Shi Xiang Satay


Meal Bak Kut Teh Song Fa Singapore 02

10 Singapore Must Eat | BAK KUT TEH

Rich and savory pork soup eaten best with chopped up crispy yet soft youtiao. It warms the soul in this hot and humid climate.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh


Hot Pot Hai Di Lao Singapore

11 Singapore Must Eat | HOT POT

Get your group of friends, or kick your hunger into gear because you will eat your share of this hot pot. If you have to wait, at least you’ll get free snacks and possible manicure.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot


Dessert Mei Heong Yuen Singapore 03

12 Singapore Must Eat | CANTONESE DESSERT

Nothing quite clears the palate or beats the heat like great dessert. They have something for everyone; something cold, something hot, all sweet!

Mei Heong Yuen Desserts


Torch Action Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

13 Singapore Must Eat | OMAKASE

Order their omakase, loosen your belt, and prepare yourself for an onslaught of 17 courses. Yeah, 17 courses for your discerning appetite.

Teppei Japanese Restaurant


Grilling Wagyu Yakiniku Heijoen Singapore

14 Singapore Must Eat | WAGYU

All you can eat umami laden wagyu! Is there anything else to say?

Yakiniku Heijoen


Meal Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine Singapore

15 Singapore Must Eat | THAI

Body tinglingly good! I’ve have it on high account that this is some of the best Thai food in the country.

Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine


Avocado Bacon Two Men Bagel Singapore 02

16 Singapore Must Eat | BAGEL

Two Men Bagel is the first and best bagel house in the Singapore. Their menu can satiate any discerning hunger with all their options.

Two Men Bagel House Tanjong Pagar


3 Pitchers of Beer On Tap Singapore

17 Singapore Must Drink | CRAFT BEER

Great tasting, locally made beer on tap at probably the cheapest price for a pitcher of beer around.

On Tap


Cocktail Mo Bar Singapore 03

18 Singapore Must Eat | COCKTAIL

Alcohol isn’t cheap in Singapore but some worthwhile venues offer cocktails that are worth every cent.



19 Singapore Must Eat | BAR with a VIEW

Buy a ticket and take an elevator up to the roof to claim your view and cocktail induced buzz!



Chocolate and Lychee Martini Mortons Bar Singapore

20 Singapore Must Eat | HAPPY HOUR

Happy hour is a great thing. An amazing “get free steak sliders with your martini” happy hour is a sacred thing.

The Bar at Morton’s


There you go, here’s our F8T list of 20 Singapore’s Must Eats! Go forth and enjoy all that the Red Little Dot has to offer.



Where do you like to go when you’re you’re in town?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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