3 Day Short Trip to Vientiane

by Jun 27, 2019

Day 1 | Vientiane

Our first day in town after a relaxing stay in Luang Prabang, we opted to make the most of the day and see as much as we could. After checking out the hotel amenities and lounge access meals, we took the shuttle to town. From there we went around town checking out local sights.

With the less than ideal weather, we wrapped up being tourists with a very local herbal sauna which involved yogurt, coffee grounds and menthol steam baths. Can’t forget the kung fu massage and traditional Chinese cupping treatment!

And wouldn’t you know it, the lounge serves dinner too. Judging from the the appetising dishes, we simply had to try a bite or 3. Then we went to our dinner reservation in the lobby; good thing since I ate so much it was less of a distance for Nadia to roll me to the restaurant.

Nadia JM Herbal Sauna Vientiane Laos

Day 2 |

There’s something about hotel chains that I grew up with in America being radically different in Asia. The Crowne Plaza is amazingly different than the more shabby US counterparts with the fancy pool, spacious lobby, modern decor and spa offerings. Their hotel breakfast buffet equally lived up to the transformation with the daily noodle specials, extensive cooked dishes, baked dishes, salads, smoothies, coffees, and more.

I quite literally ate my body weight in almond croissants!

The next day we ventured to Buddha Park which was quite a ways away by local bus but well worth the experience. Unfortunately for me, still recovering from an earlier illness, I was still sensitive to the heat and didn’t get to experience all the different statues as much as Nadia did.

After a long and hot day, we finished the night with a trip to the local night market for some tasty eats!

Nadia JM Local Night Market Vientiane Laos

Day 3 |

Ending our trip to Laos and returning back to Singapore…

Only after a trip to the breakfast buffet and those sweet sweet almond croissants!

Price Breakdown | $250 Per Person

The entire stay in Vientiane came down to about $500 USD for the 2 of us, minus flight cost.

A pair of Scoot roundtrip airfare to Vientiane from Luang Prabang cost us about $120USD.

You and another could do our entire trip for less than $620 USD.



What do you like to do in Laos’ capital?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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