4 Photos of Lake Como

by May 18, 2013

Rest and Relaxation

I was traveling with my sister along the border of Italy where we found this wonderful lake. We hung around to look for food and enjoy the weather and the great views. Oddly enough we stumbled upon this restaurant that looked busy and would hopefully be tasty as well. After ordering I realized that my entree was purplish and had what appeared to be bits of raw meat within. Suffice to say I at this time in my life found the dish to be unappetizing despite my hunger.

I slowly forced down my meal and had to use the restroom afterward. As I left the restroom I got a glimpse of a party being thrown. From the little that I saw, it dawned on me that the large bowl of purplish gruel like substance was the very same dish I had not savored. Apparently it is a favored local dish. During the Lake Como trip, I told myself that from then on forward I told myself that I would dare to try and appreciate local cuisine even if it didn’t agree with me.


Lake Como umbrella shade from the sun
Me and my shadow at Lake Como

Lake Como


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