8 Different Things at Costco Tokyo

by Oct 23, 2018

“i really want to go to Costco.”

“just so as long as you know it’s an hour away.”

Costco Tokyo tl;dr

  • They sell hot food ready to eat there and then!
  • They sell large amounts of things I want at great prices!
  • The offer a great variety of things for you purchase!

Let me start this post with saying that I LOVE COSTCO and everything about the place;

  • I love how they sell large industrial sized things I want for reasonable prices!
  • I love how they sell large amount of alcohol for reasonable prices!
  • I love how they sell food (hot, cold, and ready to eat)!
  • I love how they take care of their employees!
  • I love how no nonsense the environment is!
  • I love their deals!
  • I love Costco!

Costco cashier Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

Costco is a large minimally decorated industrial open space selling all manner of things:

  • Household goods
  • Cooking housewares
  • Frozen foods, dessert and more
  • Fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and more
  • Sporting goods, tools, clothes, over the counter medication, flowers, seasonal items and more
  • They also sell tires, travel plans, prescription glasses, photo processing, hearing aids, prescription medication, gift cards, etc

Where in the World is Costco?

I remember hearing during my travels that there were Costco’s outside of the US. I wasn’t sure at the time whether that was true or not. And over time I did get the chance to go to foreign ones locations.

I went to the one in Costco Cabo and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. And I saw advertising for Costco locations being built in Taipei. The Costco experience seems to be globally great.

Costco turns out to have other locations outside the United States around the world:

Journey to Costco Tokyo

Having a free day in Tokyo, Nadia encouraged me to go find Costco. So finding Costco is what we did. The closest and easiest one to reach from Tokyo was the Kawasaki location; about 1 hour away and a transfer from train to bus.  We got off the bus, walked a block and turned a corner and there, through the trees was that glorious red Costco logo.

Costco beef sample Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

Come Hungry! There’s so much good looking food that demands to be eaten! So go and eat them.

Same Same But Different

While making the rounds, this Costco felt familiar yet still being very Japanese.

The layout and retail setup was the same as I’ve ever seen everywhere else and quite familiar with growing up around Costcos. There were a surprising number of state side Kirkland items available and some American offerings I’ve never seen before.

Costco sushi Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

Costco sashimi Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

1 | Sushi n Sashimi

Sushi, sashimi and tons of seafood that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Costco salmon head and salmon roe Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

2 | Salmon Roe

If only I was hungry and didn’t have dinner plans later that day. This looked amazingly tasty! A little soy sauce and some freshly steamed rice….


If only I could have tasted this or saw this available anywhere else.

Costco poke Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

3 | Poke

We were pleasantly surprised to see Hawaiian poke available. I’ve seen this in Hawaii but nowhere else.

Costco chirashi Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

4 | Chirashi

Sashimi and sashimi rice looked amazing! Definitely never saw this in the US.

Nadia Wine Tasting at Costco Kawasaki Tokyo Japan 03

5 | Wine Tasting

WHAT!?!?!?! Wine tasting is available! The even let this minor sample some of that fermented grape juice.

Costco food menu Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

6 | Food Menu

A familiar fixture at all Costco, the food court. Not only that, they also sell hot dogs, pizza, cheeseburgers, acai bowls and salad (sold in a cup?).

BUT they also sell a Bulgogi Bake and Clam Chowder.

Nadia holiding Costco bulgogi bake and chowder Kawasaki Tokyo Japan

7 | Clam Chowder

The clam chowder is honestly not something I would have expected being sold but sure, why not? It was deliciously creamy and salty though I would prefer it to be a bit thicker.

cross section of Costco bulgogi bake Kawasaki Tokyo Japan 02

8 | Bulgolgi Bake

To be completely honest, I’m not a fan of the American Costco’s Chicken Bake. So when Nadia ordered it, I was less than thrilled and held my expectations low.

Turns out that I had nothing to fear because it ingredients and Korean flavor profile perfectly fit the hot pot like package.

Costco Tokyo is AMAZING

If you like Costco, if you are in Tokyo, and if you are in need of a lot of stuff then you NEED to go to Costco! The journey there alone is a nice experience away from the city, seeing a less city like neighborhood and community.

You will find both new Japanese takes on what you are used to and some things you never grew tired of. There’s tons of new food options ready to be taken home and ready to be eaten right there and then waiting for you to take that first step over.

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