8 Reasons to Make Your Own Conrad Maldives Honeymoon Memories

by Aug 12, 2017

Honeymoons are those mythical beasts that you chase after grinding through a hectic wedding schedule.

At least it was for us. Weddings are a huge, HUGE undertaking

Again, at least it was for us. It didn’t have to be, but Nadia and I went all out for each other and our families.

Which leads me back to our Honeymoon. It’s that much sought after milestone, that mercurial post event, that matrimonial Gold Medal  that we looked forward to that would make a crazy year of DIY wedding planning and execution worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, getting married to your best friend in of itself is highly rewarding. I hope Nadia feels the same way.

But there’s nothing like going somewhere beautiful to celebrate the beginning of your lives together as officially bound soul mates. Nadia loves the beach! And the thing with honeymoons, you just never know what you might end up doing!


Nadia in mid jump in the underwater Ithaa Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives

Conrad Maldives Honeymoon

Our Conrad Maldives honeymoon is where I remember tropical dreams and wondrous reality intersected in more ways than one. The Conrad consists of 2 islands connected by a long pedestrian bridge. In the middle of the bridge is where the seaplane comes to drop you off or pick you up for your stay.

The main island is where a majority of activities and suites are located. The 2nd island which is a little further away, a lot more isolated, geared more for adults and was our ultimate destination. I could be wrong, but if I recall correctly this was also the island where a certain reality TV family spent some time vacationing.

All things considered, I may be a touch biased and maybe even be a bit under the influence of nostalgia, day dreaming, restless reflections or blissful retrospectives… Call it what you will but the past is a very colorful place. The fun times always seem more vivid, at least in my mind they are.

They just seem at worst as good, and at best much bigger and much more awesome than could have possibly happen in real life. I think that’s where fish tales come from or at least a long night of drinking. But no amount of walking down memory lane can mistake the natural beauty of everything that we saw, tasted, experienced there in the Maldives.

And here’s at least 8 reasons why you should go there too!

  1. Beautiful Clear Waters
  2. Luxurious Room
  3. Mind Blowing Facilities
  4. Delicious Food
  5. Great People
  6. Happy Hour!
  7. House Reef
  8. Whale Sharks
  9. More?

Breakfast location at the Conrad Maldives

Nadia Floating in the Ocean at the Conrad Maldives

1 | Beautiful Clear Waters

The first thing you see before even touching down is the water.


It’s so blue! Its so clear! I just want to dive into it. I imagine there’s tons of sea life and beautiful coral waiting to be discovered.

First thing Nadia did after getting to our room was diving into the ocean behind our suite. Well, she didn’t dive off the deck, but took our private stairs down into the water to explore the house reef in our immediate vicinity. Given how calm the waters were, after getting in myself, I was surprised that there weren’t more people. Then it dawned on me that in our area, while there’s no restrictions to areas or anything, it was definitely further away from the main island just for any guests to want come out and explore. Especially when there’s so much to explore everywhere else.


Over Water Bedroom Interior at the Conrad Maldives

Over Water Balcony Patio at the Conrad Maldives

2 | Luxurious Room

The water was so amazing that I almost forgot to mention the room. The room was our oasis from too much beach, water, snorkel, eating, drinking, what have you… It was our retreat from our retreat. Everyday the air conditioning was cold. The bottled waters replenished. The fancy soaps and body wash products restocked. There was even an app we could download onto our phones so that we could request different kinds of pillows or anything else for that matter.

This room is also where we could just pass the time away between sunburns on our private deck either sun bathing some more or taking a dip in our very own plunge pool. Everywhere in the room had a view of the water; from the deck, to the bathtub and even the desk. Water water water! Water is good! The room is so inviting that we had to tear ourselves away to go explore the rest of the property.


JM at the Pool at the Conrad Maldives

Nadia and JM Getting Massages at the Conrad Maldives

Nadia Sitting on the Edge of the Adult Only Pool at the Conrad Maldives

3 | Mind Blowing Facilities

Our Conrad Maldives Honeymoon would not have been complete without making use of their wonderful facilities. On the main island there’s the gym, stores, dive center, business center, main breakfast buffet, underwater restaurant, infinity pool, beach activities, spa retreat and so much more.

We spent an inordinate amount of time either snorkeling in the house reef or simply lounging at one of the pools. On the main island the infinity pool is a place where you can do a lot of people watching, watch the seaplanes come and go, or work on your tan. But when we wanted an adult only atmosphere, we headed back to the 2nd island for more solitude and peace of mind.

When we weren’t in the water, we were above the water getting spa treatments. Thankfully Nadia had the forethought to book us a spa treatment ahead of time before they got booked up. It was truly an experience getting a massage and instead of looking at a plain floor or some other decoration beneath the table though the transparent floor, was the endless waves crashing upon themselves beneath the treatment room.

It really took our breaths away.


Nadia and JM Eating Breakfast at the Conrad Maldives

Seafood Buffet at the Conrad Maldives

4 | Delicious Food

Yes, we were on an island… OK, 2 islands with no where else to go. This isn’t a destination where you come and check out other locales. You spend all your time with the resort of your choice. But every resort have a variety of things to keep you occupied. Typical things that resorts excel at are the water excursions, manicured everything, furnished accommodations, and food and drink

In regards to libations and culinary expressions, our Conrad Maldives honeymoon did not disappoint! There’s a handful of restaurants from those on the beach, to on the water, and one underwater. Each restaurant can offer different things on different days at different times of the day. The food was so delicious, ingredients so fresh and excellently prepared that we had to make an effort to not indulge too often. In hindsight, here are Nadia’s and my personal favorites:

  • Vilu Bar | where guests with status can enjoy happy hour
  • Vilu Restaurant | where guests could enjoy breakfast
  • Mandhoo Spa Restaurant | where guests with status can enjoy mid day snacks and drinks
  • Koko Grill | that served grilled Japanese cuisine one night and lobsters and champagne another night
  • Atoll Market | for those times when a breakfast buffet is called for
  • Ithaa Undersea Restaurant  | lovely romantic and exclusive dining space with excellent food and a wonderful view
  • Rangali Bar | for some light meals, a little hookah, and some nightly music


Nadia and JM with the Musical Talent at the Conrad Maldives

5 | Great People

We can’t say enough good things about the people on the islands. Everyone was warm and friendly and really went above and beyond to make our Conrad Maldives Honeymoon the best experience it could be. Everyone from the moment checked in, to the room service, to the restaurant servers, bartenders and even the life guards were utterly amazing and truly helpful. I felt bad every time I called a golf cart to pick us up and take us somewhere on the property but we were always picked up with a friendly smile.

Not only were the staff a delight to interact with, but we made some new friends during our stay. During one of our excursions we befriended a number of divers that we shared our boat with. We spent the time traveling from location to location discussing, not only the Maldives, but other dive spots around the world.

Nadia incidentally made the acquaintance of this other couple who turned out to be newly weds.. Long story short, our married friends turned out to be practically our neighbors back home.

And next to them, we talked with the musical act during one of our meals and found out that they were from our area as well. It’s truly a small world where you travel for nearly 26 hours to a small island to find people from where you originally came from.

Go figure!


JM Thinking About Moving to Singapore While at the Conrad Maldives

6 | Happy Hour!

What’s there to say about happy hour? It’s pretty self explanatory. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice time at the bar with like minded folks with a beautiful view of the ocean and a cool refreshing breeze. The house selection of selected fermentation was tasty.

Over the course of my visits I quickly transitioned away from their red wine that Nadia had taken a liking for, to their available Scotch Whisky that they kept me topped up …
All the time…
For the entire hour…
And then some…

It was pretty nice! I imagine that’s how it feels to be at a bar where they know your name.


Swimming Turtle in the House Coral at the Conrad Maldives

2 Stingrays Swimming Through the House Coral at the Conrad Maldives

7 | House Reef

The reefs around the Conrad are simply breathtaking. They got something for all levels of snorkelers. On our side of island number 2, there were calm and shallow waters with schools of tiny fish with the occasional sea turtle flying by. On the main island where the larger reef is located, is where we found larger sea life.

After diving into the main reef, we made for the outlying edge where the lifeguard told us is where stingrays have been known to be found. On our way out there we saw many schools of fish, and solitary ones, and super colorful ones. At the edge of the reef the floor disappeared into the abyss which was very humbling. Running along the perimeter we eventually spotted a few rays swimming along.


Lucky Whale Shark Sighting a Boat Ride Away From the Conrad Maldives

8 | Whale Sharks

One of the things that we really wanted to do out here was to see whale sharks. BUT be warned, there’s no guarantee that you will see one. They tell you that at the very beginning so there’s no hard feelings if you never see one. That’s just how life is on the big sea. You just never know what you’ll see. As we headed out into the ocean we saw all manner of wildlife. I was surprised to spot dolphins, birds, bats, and a bunch of fish that I really needed to learn the names of. After a while we started to head back and figured that we at least tried and looked for one.

Suddenly, the boat picked up speed and headed off into another direction.

A whale shark had been spotted by another boat and the information had been relayed to our captain who was now racing against time before the whale shark took off. As we pulled up to a half dozen other boats floating around, our staff told us to leap into the water and look around for the whale. Things went really fast and my memory is kind of a blur of exactly how it went down. One moment I was on deck and the next I was overboard into the water.

I kept an eye on Nadia and moved forward toward where all the other divers were. Always keeping an eye on her to make sure she was OK swimming behind me (you got to always be aware of your swim buddy). We were swimming against the hope that we weren’t too late. We were fortunate that we weren’t too late. The giant whale shark came into view and kept on going at its lumber pace straight into the deep blue. While short, for those few seconds, Nadia and I were in complete awe of Mother Nature.

After getting back on board the boat, we headed back to our home port. But then suddenly the boat picked up speed and headed off into another direction. There was another spotting and we went to try our luck at finding another whale shark. And it was a wash-rinse-repeat of what we did earlier; pulling up to other boats, diving in, swimming toward other divers and….

Finding another whale shark!

We couldn’t believe our luck. First there’s that daunting feeling that we may not see any whale sharks, then to “WOW” that we found one, followed up by “OH MY GAWD” we found another one! That made our day. That made our trip. That made our year! It was a feeling that’s hard to describe, being next to something so different, so peaceful, so… so… massive that it simply paid us tiny biped humans no mind.


9 | Do You Need Another Reason?

In a nutshell, that was our honeymoon. So many great things to be experienced here. Honestly, you don’t even need to be on your honeymoon to go. Go to go! If you got the time and the ability to, you really owe it to yourself to go.

What are you waiting for?

I only needed a handful of these reasons to get me excited for our Conrad Maldives honeymoon. But all of them? It’s a solid destination and the best resort that we have ever stayed at. Just to get away from it all and totally disconnect, this is hard to beat while still retaining all these first class amenities. Don’t be mistaken, the location is remote and we really felt isolated from the rest of the world…. But in a good way.

There are other destinations that you could go to, but I know you would be hard pressed to find another location with all this going for them. Did I mention we used a lot of points to make our stay more affordable? That’ll be for another post.

If you don’t mind a long flight, or seaplanes, and love the ocean and everything in it then Conrad Maldives is the greatest resort we have been to and can’t recommend it enough.


Over Water Spa Therapy Room at the Conrad Maldives

Beach Loungers Under an Umbrella on the Conrad Maldives Beach

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Where is your dream resort?
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