9 Day Long Week Trip to London

by Jul 14, 2014

1st Day | In the Air

  • 7:40 pm: United flight to London

Day 2 | Bath

Day 3 | Bath

Day 4 | Bath

Day 5 | London

Day 6 | London

Day 7 | London

Day 8 | London

Day 9 | On a Train

Price Breakdown | $345 Per Person (minus hotel and airfare)

United Flight to London from San Francisco for both of us came to about $0 USD because of points.

The entire stay, after points, in London and Bath came down to $690 USD for the 2 of us minus airfare.

The price to stay in London for 2 people will vary widely depending on where you can stay and how you get to London.



What do you like to do in London?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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