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Nadia Lee

Founder of Food 8nd Trips

While working for an internet company during the day, during my free time I am a passionate foodie and avid traveler.

Born in Penang, Malaysia I’ve grown up surrounded by some of the best food in the world which is why you can usually find me talking about food, thinking about food or best of all eating food!

Here at Food 8nd Trips you’ll find a lot of my:

  • Ideas and Thoughts
  • Opinions About Everything
  • Things I Love to Eat
  • Places I Love to Visit

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, I’d love to hear them!

All the Best,


John Michael

Co-Founder of Food 8nd Trips

What else can I say other than that I’m just that guy who does what needs to be done whenever it needs to be done hopefully in a way that is more than interesting.

Born and raised in California and having been blessed to have traveled since I was young, I like to think I’m pretty mellow, just rolling with whatever life has to offer.

With that being said there are something things I love a lot:

  • I love a good time
  • I love tasty food

You’ll find me on here either trying to make the site look pretty or trying to find the time to put to paper the experiences that I’ve had.

Your guy,


Nadia Jm Yen Yakiniku Singapore

I hope you enjoy your stay and maybe one day call it your digital home too!

The world is a great teacher, equalizer and inspiration for everything that we know. Over time we have come to realize that if you are going to eat, you might as well eat something Delicious. And I know you’re going to eat!

My name is John Michael and her name is Nadia Lee and we are Singapore’s new Northern Californian Transplants (or would we be called “Expats”?) with the personal world blog Food 8nd Trips.

We personally put this together in hopes to inspire your sense of wonder by sharing our stories, videos, pictures, and thoughts. More importantly we strive to educate everyone that through a balance of travel deals, travel decisions and good timing, one can see the world one meal at a time, as it were.

This blog is geared toward the vast majority of us who have:

  • a desire to see more of the world
  • a need to do more with less
  • other life responsibilities
    • which technically don’t allow us to up and leave everything to travel the world

With that being said, life can adequately allow us to do short bouts of mindful global exploration when handles well. Between you and me, ALL the things we’ve done has been accomplished through the combination of:

  • being effectively frugal
  • managing credit card points
  • utilizing loyalty reward systems
  • discovering deals
  • and being flexible with the timing of it all

“Happy Wife, Happy Life!”


You may be wondering why the ‘8’ in ‘8nd’ in our name. The answer to that is because of the significance of that number to the both of us:

  • 8 is a lucky number in Cantonese because of its phonetic similarity to the word FORTUNE
  • It was a clever retro way to get ‘8nd‘ for our domain and since ‘and‘ was already taken

Suffice to say that you will see a lot of 8’s throughout our blog.

nadia niagara 795x500

Food 8nd Trips Starts With Her

Our story starts several decades ago with Nadia’s birth, who, while growing up, has harbored a lifelong dream to have a blog of her own detailing her innermost thoughts and desires regarding her past, present and future culinary world adventures.

OK, she probably wasn’t born with that desire but developed a discerning palate growing up in a demanding household that scrutinized taste.

For the longest time she has been flying from mundane locale to exotic destination year after year tasting new and exciting foods, all the while experimenting with her cooking to expand her ever growing palate. While she has tried to flex her online muscles from time to time on various platforms she has had difficulty sticking to one that screams her name.

Till now…

Jm Edo Jpn (21)

Continues with My F8T

This is where I enter me, John Michael who puts the F8T in Food 8nd Trips…

Not quite where I was planning on going with that but what I’m trying to say is that I’m the guy who she has shared her lifelong quest for worldwide epicurean adventures from here till eternity.

She put a ring on it and now I’m the luckiest guy in the world!

I have these wanderlust/lost parents, who in turn have buried deep into my own psyche a greater passion for all things unknown.

Something my father used to tell me was, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know till you know.’

I have never felt the meaning of that saying so keenly as I do now, probably because I know with Google at my fingertips I’ve realized that there’s so much that I don’t know. Currently I am learning relatively quickly that I have a lot left to learn about developing this blog, much like life, but am enjoying every keystroke and mouse click.

There’s so much to learn about running a blog between flights, meals and dolphins.

  • Designing a website
  • Trying to make this thing remotely coherent
  • Finding the time to actually write these posts, edit the photos, splice together a video clip, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam
  • Don’t get me started with SEO, or online ads or affiliation partnership corporate things…

Nadia and JM Dolphin Lodge Bali 02

8nd Together We Formed This Blog

Over the years, balancing both our careers and flights, we have seen destinations unparalleled, created lifelong friends and burned our tongues on new recipes. We have accumulated materials from over half a century of combined experiences and now are racing to put it all to digital paper to share with all of you.

Nadia and Jm Eating and Drinking in Portland Oregon

Our Pledge to You

But one step at a time my fellow internet wanderer…
You can only see the world one stop at a time…
Rather, finish a delicious meal one bite at a time…
Or for that matter, that bottle of red one glorious sip at a time.

I think you get my drift.

Keep in mind that we have more material than we know what to do with. A long with that, juggling all the previous stuff, new stuff and never quite being happy with the layout this is taking a second longer than we imagined. Concurrently we are trying to rebuild past posts while also posting newer material into something resembling a cohesive entity.

There’s a lot so don’t be afraid to look at the old stuff while keep up to date with our new experiences.

Rest assured we of Food 8nd Trips Have, Will and Forever more give you our honest thoughts and opinions as we experience them.

Where You Come In?

I would say to “Please feel free to subscribe to our future newsletters” but we have YET to send one out….
On another note, you can email us any concerns, issues, congratulations or whatever else that crosses your mind.
We would love to read your feedback!

In the meantime, kick back, read along and get hungry…

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