Amazing Bailey’s Taproom in Portland

by May 19, 2014

Are we in heaven?

I think so…

One of the best things about trips can sometimes be unexpected finds that catch you by surprise yet are fun places to visit, Bailey’s Taproom in Portland was one of those for us.

Bailey’s Taproom tl;dr

Since we had late checkout (4pm) from the Westin and our flight was delayed a couple of hours, we decided to have dinner at Little Bird; however, there was about an hour to kill from the 4pm checkout to the time Little Bird actually opened which was around 5 so we decided to walk around the area. After visiting a vintage shop, we happened to look across the street and there was a cute taproom located next to a sports clothing shop.

Bailey's Taproom Digital Overhead Beer Menu

When you walk into the taproom your eye is immediately drawn to the taps and the tv screens on top with the beers listed, how much is left in the keg and also people who have “checked in” via Foursquare. If you look carefully up on top of the screen you’ll see both me and JM checked in.

Funny thing is when I commented on how cool the TVs are, the guy sitting at the bar next to where I was standing ended up being the guy who created the program to showcase the prices and beers.

Service was friendly and the beer was good with various size options and most around $5 average. I love the fact that they had quite a few microbrew options, what you’d come to expect after hearing about how Portland is a total beer city. Great place to chill and hang out with friends. They even have a little screen showing public transportation options and when each bus is expected to come and live timing, very convenient!

F8T Tip

There’s an electronic bulletin for the bus schedule so you know how much time you have to drink.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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