Amazing Vancouver Rail

by Nov 6, 2015

Getting around is the quintessential problem for most when exploring a new city. Getting around by Vancouver Rail is one of the most cost efficient ways to get into the city from the airport.

To find the station, after exiting the airport baggage claim, head towards the taxi, cross the street and you’ll see a sign for the Canada Line. Up two separate set of escalators and you’ll be right at the train platform.

Signs Upon Arrival Leading to Vancouver Rail

This train functions just like any you’d expect to find in any major city. There Is a ticketing booth where you can buy tickets, singles or multiples, choose the zone you want and then you’re on your way. Just be sure to check the zone you’re heading to and confirm before jumping on the train!

The inside of the train itself is very clean and the stops are very clearly marked. On a sign above the doors, you’ll see all the stations where the train is heading along with a moving sign board that signifies which station is coming up next.  In a way it reminds me very much of the Hong Kong Metro, just way less people.

Nadia Standing in the Vancouver Rail Car Vancouver Rail Waterfront Station Marker

It is a nice, clean, and cost efficient way to get to Downtown Vancouver.

F8T Tip

  • Do it! There’s lockers in the waiting room for you to store your luggage if you’re traveling heavy.

The Canada Line


How do you like to get around Vancouver??

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