Austin Happy Hour at Parkside

by Oct 3, 2014

There’s so many bars here in Austin.

Let’s start with this one.

Parkside tl;dr

In Austin for a weekend and want to find a Saturday happy hour? Look no further than Parkside, a nice restaurant located along the row of restaurants/bars found on 6th street. Walking in you’ll be greeted by the hostess but since all we wanted was happy hour, we headed straight for the bar and found a seat where we were welcomed by the friendly bartender who handed us a menu and we were well on our way to a delicious meal.

Happy Hour!

For happy hour they offered a nice variety of food from burgers to an oyster platter. Since I’m such a seafood lover, we went for many of their seafood dishes and topped it off with some of their custom cocktails. From the menu we got:

  • Oyster Platter: Had 4 different types of oysters. All fairly solid though I’m always a fan of the smaller ones. The ones they had were the miyagis.
  • Salmon Ceviche: Had some good flavor, reminded me of a ceviche I’d get at a mexican restaurant than just the normal with some lime juice

Parkside's 4 Lump Crab Fritters

  • Lump Crab Fritters: Packed with tons of crab meat it was delicious!

Parkside's Garlic French Fries with a Container of Dipping Sauce

  • House Fries: Topped with garlic and some greens, it was nicely fried and a solid plate of fries

Parkside's Deep Fried Okra with a Container of Dipping Sauce

  • Fried Okra: Served with a herb ranch, perfectly fried and crispy and the okra was nicely cooked on the inside, one of my favorites and definitely reminds me of the south

2 Cocktails During Happy Hour at Austin's Parkside

Overall happy hour ran us around $50 for the food items above and 3 drinks. Not bad considering there was only half an hour left when we got there for the happy hour. While service was nice and food was good, I wish they did a happy hour last call as most places do so we could have placed at least one more drink order.

View of Parkside's Bar Counter

F8T Tip Don’t worry if you left your phone at the counter… I found the last one and left it with the staff. No, really, keep your phones with you.



What’s your drink of choice?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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