Austin Hot Dogs

by Sep 23, 2014

You want a hot dog?

Yeah, let’s keep it simple.

Frank tl;dr

Overhead Signage for Frank Restaurant

Frank, similar to Hot Doug’s in Chicago, is a very popular hot dog place with unique hot dog options. What’s different about this place is that it also has some craft cocktails and sides in addition to the hot dogs.

HOT DOGS in Austin!

After having gone to Hot Dougs and seeing a lot of great reviews for this, we decided to head over and check out what its all about. Walking in this place is definitely unique with its interesting decor. The first thing you’ll notice is the full bar on the left and then an open seating in the middle accented by unique wall decor and pictures.

For food we got a nice mix of everything:

Close Up of Frank's Chicago Dog

  • Chicago Dog: Nice and classic chicago dog but not the best one I’ve ever had. It was just ok for me

Close Up of Frank's Beer Brat

  • Beer Brat: This was his choice and more along the style of what he likes to eat. The sauerkraut was a little too much for me, not my kind of style

Close Up of Frank's Frito Pie

  • Frito Pie: Fritos topped with chili and cheese. A very unique concoction and something we saw once on Anthony Bourdain. Since this was something he’s always wanted to try, we just had to get it. It was a little on the salty side for me but an interesting dish. Probably won’t end up ordering this again

Frank's Chocolate Covered Bacon

  • Chocolate Covered Bacon: Literally bacon covered with chocolate and topped with some sea salt- always a nice salty/sweet treat

Frank's Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies Served with Coffee Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies Served with Coffee Ice Cream: This was delicious, topped with bacon crumbles. The coffee ice cream and bacon really complemented each other. Must order!

Since this place had such great drink options, we also got the following drinks:

  • Root Beer: Solid root beer and perfect for this hot day. The fact that it was all you can drink made him super happy!
  • Franziskarner: German beer and one of my favorites
  • Strawblurry: A hef type beer topped strawberry mint lemonade. A shandy just slightly different plus I love the name.

Overall this was a fun experience with solid food and a very friendly staff. Worth checking out especially for the expansive drink selection.

Nadia Prepared to Drink a Pint of Franziskaner
JM Eating Frito Pie

F8T Tip Watch out for soccer hooligans… they have a tendency to make a mess.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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