Austin Metro

by Oct 20, 2014

It say’s that this will get us to downtown.

Worse case scenario, it’s not that far.

Austin Metro tl;dr

From the airport you can get to downtown very quickly and easily with bus #100. It seems to run every half hour from the airport and can take you straight into the heart of downtown at a very affordable rate of $1.50 per person (exact change only!) and much cheaper than a cab!

If you’re interested in taking the bus, from the baggage claim, walk outside and across the street to the other part of the outside terminal and you can see the bus stop at the very end. It’s very clearly marked so you can’t miss it!

Getting Around Austin

Once on the bus, you’ll insert your exact change into the machine, the bus driver will give you a nod and you can find a seat on the nicely air conditioned bus, perfect for the warm Austin temperatures. It will take approximately half an hour to get from the airport to downtown with a few stops in between but don’t worry, the air conditioning and the sights along the way help pass the time quickly.

The sign that you’re near downtown is that you’ll cross a bridge.

The bus itself doesn’t really do a good job of telling you where you are so if there is a stop you’re looking for, I’d do what we did and ask the bus driver, he/she can point you in the right direction and let you know when your stop is coming up. Ours was the first stop by the blue guitar and Wells Fargo since we were staying at the Hyatt Place Downtown.

A quick 5 minute walk (0.2 miles) and we were at our hotel! Overall a quick and efficient way to get downtown, just highly suggest you confirm with the bus driver where the stop is!

F8T Tip If you aren’t in a rush, it’s the cheapest way to get into the city.

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