Austin’s Firehouse Hostel Nightlife

by Oct 3, 2014

Why are we at a hostel?

You gotta go through the secret wall to find out.

The Firehouse Hostel tl;dr

What a cute find! The Firehouse Hostel in Austin is located across from the famous Driskill Hotel and literally in a perfect location for a hostel (cheap too with rooms starting at $40 according to their site). Attached to this hotel is this adorable speakeasy type bar with delicious drinks and a hilariously friendly bartender, Jared.

Getting Drunk!

To get to the bar you actually have to enter the hostel and then look to your right. In front of you, you’ll see a nice bookcase, slide it to the right and enter. Fun entrances like that always makes me happy, such a cute and fun way to basically say get ready, fun times ahead.

Bookcase Doorway Leading to Austin's Firehouse Secret Bar 2 Firehouse Cocktails

FYI don’t be like us and get a table expecting to get served, it’s not that kind of place. You’ll have to just go straight to the bartender and place your order directly with one of the friendly/quirky bartenders. On the happy hour menu there are 7 drinks you can choose from. The bar also offers some snack/food items so if you wanted food, that’s an option as well. Since we had already eaten, we started working our way down the happy hour cocktail list.

Nadia and JM with Firehouse Cocktails in Hand

After the first two, we decided we were going to get one of each of the happy hour cocktails. Apparently if you do, it’s called the happy hour challenge. For the challenge, technically one person has to drink one of each drink and top it off with a beer. But since we already had some drinks prior, we decided to split the drinks on the Happy Hour menu but of course finish off with our own beer each. For $6 a drink you can’t go wrong with this happy hour!

Nadia and JM Celebrating Austin's Firehouse Happy Hour with New Friends

By the end, we were definitely having a great time! We even me some great people at the bar and ended up taking a shot or was it multiple shots with them. In terms of ambiance, this bar is really cute. It has a mix of leather booths and tables and bar seating on an aluminum topped bar. The walls surrounding the bar has this fun red wallpaper which apparently is made out of velvet! Fun and cute.

Red Firehouse Cocktail From Their Happy Hour Challenge List

F8T Tip GO NOW! And Drink Everything!

Pink Firehouse Cocktail From Their Happy Hour Challenge List

Firehouse Hostel and Lounge


What’s your funnest night out?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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