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The Ups and Downs of Staying at the Crowne Plaza Bandung

“Why are we moving to the Crowne Plaza tomorrow morning?” “It’s walking distance to more outlet shopping.” Crowne Plaza Bandung TL;DR The Indonesian President is a guest Great food offerings for those with loyalty points Be wary of loud music during the weekends One of the main inspirations to visit Bandung in December was that it was on the Q4 IHG Winter Points Breaks hotel list. The IHG Points Breaks List For those of you unfamiliar with the Points Breaks list:  IHG comes out with a list of hotels each quarter where you can book rooms for as 5,000...

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Reading the Fine Print with Enoss Travellers Tours

“I hear Enoss Travels is a good  agency?” “Yeah, there isn’t much to go on but based on what I found, they sound great…” Enoss Travellers Tours TL;DR “All Inclusive” may not mean all inclusive Bring spare cash on hand just in case Do your research so you can ask your “guide” questions Traveling to new destinations is always a great opportunity to explore somewhere new. And if there’s a deal available, then it’s even a better value for us. In December we saw that a great IHG Points Breaks deal for the Crowne Plaza in Bandung was available so...

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First Night at the Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur

“The Holiday Inn isn’t that far from the airport.” “It’s not far, but the traffic seems to be really heavy.” Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur TL;DR It’s “Near” the airport There’s a pool Across the street from awesome food Hello Bandung! As part of our Bandung trip, since we ended up needing to fly in a day early (cheaper plane tickets due to a last minute booking) and I needed one more night for my IHG Accelerate challenge in Q4, we booked this hotel for a < $50 USD rate to kill two birds with one stone. Holiday Inn Bandung...

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Year 1 Singapore Reflections About Our New Home Country

It is a new dawn and December 6, 2017 officially marks our living in Singapore for 1 entire year! Wow, Time Flies! I can’t even believe how fast this year has flown by. Unfortunately we spent 6 months out of the past year recovering from our motor scooter accident on January 20th, 2017 (Yes, that date is burned in my mind) in Langkawi. That incident left me with 12 stitches in my knee which I’m almost fully recovered from. This experience provided an an educational adventure learning all about the amazing corporate medical coverage I have and the Malaysian hospital care...

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Working Up the Need for SF Spa Session

“Let’s get a massage….” “I don’t want one.” SF Spa TL;DR On the Outskirts of Town Surprisingly Quiet Inside Nice and Dark Ambiance Walk for a Massage SF Spa is located approximately less than 10 walking minutes from our hotel. Prior to leaving Hanoi for HCMC, we had a couple of hours to kill before getting picked up for our flight, I decided to get a quick massage. One of my favorite activities in Asia is getting massages; I mean if you can get pampered at a relatively inexpensive cost at a beautiful facility then why not. The SF Spa...

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Banh Mi Huynh Hoa Surprised My Basic Palate

“I’m so hungry! I’m HANGRY!” “Let’s go to that place Van pointed out.” Banh Mi Huynh Hoa TL;DR Tasty Fresh Made Banh Mi Surprisingly Healthy Tasting Highly Recommended Allow me to preface with the declaration that I love grilled pork banh mi. And when I say I love grilled pork banh mi, I mean to say, I LOVE GRILLED PORK BANH MI. Reports of vermin at my hometown favorite banh mi shop will not deter me from eating their banh mi…. Ok, maybe not the day of that report but I will eventually go back to eat their banh...

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Fun Filled Schedule on the Saigon Hotpot City Tour

“What are we doing today?” “We’re meeting up with our Saigon Hotpot guide for a tour of the city.” Saigon Hotpot Full Day City Tour TL;DR See a Lot of Saigon’s Attractions Getting Around Ho Chi Minh City by Bus, Cab and Foot Trying Out a Lot of Local Southern Vietnamese Flavors IT’S FREE  There’s no fee associated with the company They do ask for a donation They DESERVE a donation While in Saigon I read about the opportunity to get a local tour for free from an organization called Saigon Hotpot. One of our favorite things to do...

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The Amazingly Cheap and Uneventful Mekong Express

“Ready for our bus ride?” “Yeah, but where’s the bus pick up?” “…….” Mekong Express TL;DR $14 a person 1 way 6.5 Hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Phenh 42 Seater bus with WiFi, snacks, comfortable seats and air conditioning When deciding how to get to Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh, you’re pretty limited when it comes to options: Airplane Bus Since the airfare tends to be around $150-$200 one way, it made more sense for us and it was way more cost efficient to take the bus at $14 a person. Which Bus Company...

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