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Working Up the Need for SF Spa Session

“Let’s get a massage….” “I don’t want one.” SF Spa TL;DR On the Outskirts of Town Surprisingly Quiet Inside Nice and Dark Ambiance Walk for a Massage SF Spa is located approximately less than 10 walking minutes from our hotel. Prior to leaving Hanoi for HCMC, we had a couple of hours to kill before getting picked up for our flight, I decided to get a quick massage. One of my favorite activities in Asia is getting massages; I mean if you can get pampered at a relatively inexpensive cost at a beautiful facility then why not. The SF Spa...

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Banh Mi Huynh Hoa Surprised My Basic Palate

“I’m so hungry! I’m HANGRY!” “Let’s go to that place Van pointed out.” Banh Mi Huynh Hoa TL;DR Tasty Fresh Made Banh Mi Surprisingly Healthy Tasting Highly Recommended Allow me to preface with the declaration that I love grilled pork banh mi. And when I say I love grilled pork banh mi, I mean to say, I LOVE GRILLED PORK BANH MI. Reports of vermin at my hometown favorite banh mi shop will not deter me from eating their banh mi…. Ok, maybe not the day of that report but I will eventually go back to eat their banh...

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Fun Filled Schedule on the Saigon Hotpot City Tour

“What are we doing today?” “We’re meeting up with our Saigon Hotpot guide for a tour of the city.” Saigon Hotpot Full Day City Tour TL;DR See a Lot of Saigon’s Attractions Getting Around Ho Chi Minh City by Bus, Cab and Foot Trying Out a Lot of Local Southern Vietnamese Flavors IT’S FREE  There’s no fee associated with the company They do ask for a donation They DESERVE a donation While in Saigon I read about the opportunity to get a local tour for free from an organization called Saigon Hotpot. One of our favorite things to do...

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The Amazingly Cheap and Uneventful Mekong Express

“Ready for our bus ride?” “Yeah, but where’s the bus pick up?” “…….” Mekong Express TL;DR $14 a person 1 way 6.5 Hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Phenh 42 Seater bus with WiFi, snacks, comfortable seats and air conditioning When deciding how to get to Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh, you’re pretty limited when it comes to options: Airplane Bus Since the airfare tends to be around $150-$200 one way, it made more sense for us and it was way more cost efficient to take the bus at $14 a person. Which Bus Company...

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Local Favorite Unnamed Banh Canh Cua Roadside Stall

“What are you in the mood for today?” “You know what I want… I NEED to eat at that street corner banh canh cua we saw the other day!” Totally Random Unnamed Banh Canh Cua Roadside Stall TL;DR Street vendor at Corner of Dang Thi Nhu and Calmette Tasty thick chewy noodles in a crab and shrimp broth I don’t know if this guy is still there but get yourself in front of a bowl of Banh Canh Cua We learned about this Unnamed Banh Canh Cua vendor (sticky noodle crab soup) from Van, our City Guide and wanted to go try...

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Take a Long Sip at Saigon’s Banana’s Juice Shop

“You know what would go well with this banh mi?” “What’s that?” “A banana smoothie!” Banana’s Juice Shop TL;DR So many fruit choices Near a lot of other spots to eat food Super cheap and super worth it! As we looked for a place to eat our banh mi, we decided to check out another of Van’s recommendations, Banana’s Juice Shop, a local juice/smoothie bar down the street from our banh mi restaurant. For $25,000 VND or slightly more than $1 USD, you have the options: Get a large refreshing smoothie made out of one fruit Get a large...

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Northern Vietnamese Cuisine at Bun Cha Duc Biet Kim

“Have you ever tried Bun Cha before?” “To be quite honest, I’ve never even heard of Bun Cha before…” “It’s what Anthony Bourdain and President Obama ate on that one episode.” Bun Cha Duc Biet Kim TL;DR Tasty Northern Vietnamese dish with origin in Hanoi Generous amounts of grilled pork in broth served with: Fresh vegetables Fried eggrolls Pickled vegetables As a result of doing the Hanoi Street Food Tour, I absolutely fell in love with the dish bun cha and knew I just had to have it at least one more time before we left Hanoi out of...

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Surviving the Vietnamese Visa on Arrival – VOA

“Where’s the line for customs.” “I think it’s that mass of people over there…” Vietnamese Visa on Arrival – VOA TL;DR Involves paperwork processing at the airport Not the smoothest way to get into the country 1 of 3 Visa methods into Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) paperwork Visa from your local embassy Visa Online As our plane pulled up to the Noi Bai International Airport I was truly impressed with how modern, clean and large it was. From the moment we stepped off the plane, it looked like things were going to be efficiently organized. We figured we’ll...

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