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by May 20, 2014

When in Rome…

Drink as the… Portlanders?

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House tl;dr

He Said

First time to Portland… what to do? Let’s see, after trekking to the hotel from the airport and checking in and finding a place to eat…

What to do?
What to do?
What to do?

Let’s go eat somemore.

Yeah, eating is always a good option. Add drinking to the equation makes everything better.

Enter the brewhouse of brewhouses, Deschutes. Not that we had much of a choice since it was one of the few remaining places open withing walking distance of where we were at the time. It’s a big venue and I was surprised to see clothing and other merchandise on sale for public consumption on top of their food kitchen fare and brewed libations. After being seated we were given this menu listing all their offerings. And it was not a minute too soon since last call for food was upon us.

Fortunately we already ate.  But unfortunately we forced ourselves to try more food and a dessert on top of the pitcher and other pints of beers we ordered. There was so much to choose from that we couldn’t help but try a tasting menu of flavors. Admittedly I only liked a fraction of what was in front of me but they were all tasty enough to finish. Perhaps I ordered the wrong tasting menu or maybe I was just really really full.

Whatever the case, after all the quickened drinking I was thoroughly buzzed. The food wasn’t half bad considering everything else. The burger wasn’t half bad either yet nothing to write home about. The peanuts on the hand were surprisingly irresistible. Maybe it was the beer hunger but I couldn’t stop eating the little crunchy things. The dessert cookie and ice cream wasn’t half bad as well.


  • Get the Beer Nuts

She Said

Portland is known for their microbrewery scene, Deschutes is one of the more famous local brewers on the scene. With their restaurant location in the famous Pearl District of Portland and located in very close proximity to the Powell Bookstore, it is one of those places that if you’re into beer and you came to Portland to check out the local breweries, a place you should visit.

The two things that stand out in my mind about this place is the beer nuts (a little salty, sweet and nutty, these were so good) and the cool layout of the restaurant (for some reason it reminded me of a cross between a winery and a brewery with urban yet Napa like touches).

Since we had already eaten at a food truck a little bit before heading over here we just opted for drinks. They have options including a tasting menu where you get to choose which beers you want as part of your sampler or pitchers or of course, by the pint. Was it the best beer I’ve ever had? No but I perhaps it’s because my preference is to the Hefeweizen type wheat beer which was not something that they did very well. But if you prefer another type, I’m sure you can find a beer you will like in their list.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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