If it’s good enough for this guy then it must be awesome!

Hey there internet, Sharing is caring right? I figure if we use it, then it might be useful to someone else. If anything it might just give you something new to look at for a couple of minutes. We’re going to start letting you know about great products we use in the kitchen or on the road and even better deals that we find from time to time.

This time around, hopefully you like music;


Get these while they’re hot! I don’t know how long these will last… All you need is a Google account to get’em!

Click here for the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 for FREE

Click here for Lorde’s Pure Heroine

Click here for Various Singles for FREE

Click here for a pre-order of Ludacris’ Burning Bridges (available 12/16/2014)


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