Bite into Madrid’s Traditional Dishes at El Alambique

by Mar 24, 2019

What is that place below us?

I don’t know but it sounds like a tasty place.

El Alambique tl;dr

  • Portions are large sized tapas
  • Checkout the special Menus of the Day
  • Can’t go wrong with 3 course meals

When in Madrid, do as… Madrid-ians(?) do! Lunch is the biggest meals of the day here and ironically it’s also the meal which you can get the best deal on. Nearly all restaurants will have a Menu of the Day, Menu del Dia, which will consist of starter, main, dessert and quite possibly a drink.

Where Is It

Right off the main Calle de Fucar, near where we were staying, is this corner restaurant bar slinging traditional cuisine of Madrid.

El Alambique Menu

What to Eat

  • Grilled Asparagus Salad
  • Steak and Fries
  • Curry Chicken
  • Flan
  • Chocolate Cake

Everything was delicious and good. Nothing too particularly mind blowing other than the price for it all. Menus of the day is a special to look for when entering a venue in Madrid. It will typically be a 3 course meal, including appetizer, main dish, dessert and a beverage. These menus appear to change daily but typically fall in the less than $30 Euro category.

From what I experienced, menus run less than $20 Euro, but your mileage may vary.

I was surprised by how much food came out. I had imagined it would have been small sized tapas dishes but as it turns out, “Portion” is not a measurement of food in Madrid. Portion is referring to basically what amounts to a supersized tapas order, so you’re getting a bit of food.

El Alambique Soup

El Alambique Nadia and JM with Wine and Beer

El Alambique Salad

El Alambique Nadia and JM Dinner

El Alambique Chicken Stew and Chips

El Alambique Dessert

El Alambique Cake

Feels Kinda Like Home

El Alambique was a blessing in disguise. 1st thing I learned about going somewhere that you’re not too sure about, is that you’ll have to be willing to risk it not being good. If not, then don’t bother trying it. Whether I was tired or simply hungry, I was willing to enter Alambique versus exploring out on foot after settling into our abode.

I’m glad that we did because the traditional food was great and the price couldn’t be beat. Menus of the day are a wonderful option if you want to try different things without paying a lot. The home cooking mixed with the very familiar atmosphere reminded me a lot of home.

El Alambique


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