Biting into Mercado de La Paz and Madrid’s History

by Mar 27, 2019

I need to get a quick bite…

How about here?

Mercado de la Paz tl;dr

  • Less Touristy
  • Covers All Your Daily Needs
  • Home to Many Restaurants

Madrid, as with a lot of Spain and even throughout Europe… Actually through the world, there are a lot of food markets. America unfortunately has fewer of these and are typically modern day incorporated interpretations of this milestone of organized living.

Here at Mercado de la Paz, they celebrate over a century of serving their community with fresh ingredients to create their kitchen masterpieces.

Where Is It

Located in the shopping area of Salamanca, northwest of the Madrid city center, you’ll come across Mercado de la Paz with it’s red structure at it’s main entrance. You’ll find a lot venues catering to more of your personal kitchen cooking needs but what market will doesn’t have tapas on hand.

Mercado de la Paz Nadia and JM 02

Mercado de la Paz Vegetables

What to Eat

Most of the fresh meat, fish and vegetables is aimed at the chef within, there’s still a number of operators that cater to those who arrived hungry. We in particular ate at Casa Dani to taste the local “tortilla” and the national Iberico ham.

Mercado de la Paz Fish Monger

Mercado de la Paz Sweets

Mercado de la Paz Cordero Sign


Mercado de la Paz Butcher 02

Mercado de la Paz Bakery

Next Time We’ll Stay in the Area

I would love to come back and set time aside some kitchen time to cook some food with the local ingredients. I don’t typically cook a lot of Iberian fare but I’m always willing to learn.

Mercado de la Paz


Do you like your mercados more calm or more chaotic?

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