Affordable Steak Meal at Black Angus Sunnyvale

by May 18, 2013

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Black Angus tl;dr

When I was younger, my parents definitely instilled in me the true value of money and the importance of saving, something I find so important and can never tell them enough how much I appreciate them for it. Because of it, I’ve grown up with the frugal mentality- some may not know this but I find joy in the simple act of coupon clipping and saving money.

In fact, there was a period of life when shopping and using coupons brought an adrenaline rush because I saved 80% off my purchases and ended up paying something crazy like $5 on two whole bags of groceries (my total Extreme Couponing moment). I still remember excitedly waiting for the Sunday paper just to browse and cut the best coupons for my needs.

Family Eating Traditions

One of the favorite coupons in the Sunday paper is one for Black Angus for their Campfire Feast. For college students or just anyone in general in need of saving some $$ yet craving a steak at affordable prices, this is the place to go.

Mother’s Day Special

This recent Mother’s Day, since the line for a local dim sum joint was ridiculously long and my Mom had a craving for the bread at Black Angus, I quickly hopped on OpenTable and made us a reservation for that afternoon for lunch at the local Black Angus.

Four of us opted for the campfire feast, each is for two people. The meal includes:

  • An Appetizer (we always go for the sampler platter- more bang for your buck)
  • Entrees (choose from: prime rib, new york, top sirloin, rib eye, salmon or chicken) served with 2 sides
  • Dessert (any of your choosing- I love the mud pie)

Find a coupon and all of this is just $38! That’s $19 per person for ALL that food!

The picture above is of my usual, the ribeye cooked medium rare (and it was perfectly cooked!) and the sides I chose were green beans with bacon and a side green salad.

Even I Get Full

Believe me, once you get through the bread and the sampler, even with a big appetite, I was already starting to get full. I ended up taking half my steak home just so I could eat dessert. Quick side note on the bread, OMG is that bread delicious. It is a sweet molasses bread served with a whipped butter and it is drool worthy.

I’ve even had friends mention to me they’ve craved this during their pregnancy, that’s how good it is.

We’ve always had very courteous service at the Black Angus off El Camino in Sunnyvale, CA. The staff is so helpful and if you don’t like how the steak came out, you can always tell them and they’ll replace it.

Happy Hour

They also have a decent happy hour. In the Black Angus Sunnyvale Bar, you can get the following:

  • $3.50- All Well Drinks, Selected Bottles and 16 oz. draft beers, select wines by the glass, onion rings, three cheese garlic bread.
  • $4.50- Other bottle/draft beer, goldstrike margarita, classic martini, select wines by the glass, loaded potato skins, crispy fried zucchini, chicken tenders (original/buffalo)
  • $5.50- Select wines by the glass, chipotle buffalo wings, fire-grilled artichoke, steak quesadilla, shrimp cocktail and $5 off wagon wheel sample platter.

So if you’re looking for an affordable steak and great bang for your buck and an even better deal for Happy Hour, I’d check out your local Black Angus.

Black Angus Steakhouse

  • 740 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA
  • Street View
  • +1 408-245-4501
  • Menu


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