Madrid’s Breakfast Needs Covered at La Rollerie

by Aug 24, 2018

“i want to eat something other than churros for breakfast”

“okay, let’s compromise”

La Rollerie tl;dr

  • Tasty Orange Juice
  • Baked goods and ice cream
  • Other breakfast items if you’re tired of churros and chocolate
  • They still serve churros and chocolate

La Rollerie Bakery Counter

What to do when you are in Churro country and you don’t feel like eating it again for the umpteenth time? Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you and Nadia, there are other options other than sweet sweet churros in Madrid.

Who knew?

I didn’t know (but I figured), but now both you and I do. Apparently, there’s a lot more going on for the morning breaking of fasting other than deep fried goods.

Nadia looked far and wide on the internet and found a convenient place by the name of La Rollerie! What we both didn’t know was that this place offered a little bit of everything for everyone all day;

  • bakery
  • ice cream
  • cinnamon rolls
  • churros
  • empanadas
  • quiches

La Rollerie Inside 02

B Isn’t Only for Breakfast

First and foremost, once you walk past the cornucopia of baked goods at the door and then the tree to hopefully a table to call your own, you will get a Brunch menu that may be quite extensive;

  • English Brunch
    • egg with beans, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, grilled tomato, bread and butter and marmalade, fruit juice
  • Spanish Brunch
    • egg with Iberian ham, toasted bread with olive oil and tomato puree, cake, fruit juice, glass of wine
  • French Brunch
    • egg omelette, crepe, 2 pastries, bread with butter and marmalade, juice or wine
  • American Brunch
    • egg, bacon, pancakes, yogurt with fruit, fruit juice

To be fair, they all tasted good. And I wish I could tell you that any of them were, however since I was in Madrid for a limited amount of time, I didn’t want to confine my taste buds to something that would be easily ordered anywhere else.

Since Nadia wasn’t that hungry, she went for a simple egg breakfast with some bread and her much needed coffee.

While I was here for the churros.

La Rollerie Breakfast

Still Tried and True Churro Breakfast

Of course there will always be a churro available in Spain. And of course, I would order it, as it was tasty and went well with their hot chocolate. But with that being said, I tried the observed custom of sprinkling sugar over everything and it came out even more delicious. So go ahead and sprinkle as much sugar as your sweet tooth demands!

La Rollerie Chocolate Dipped Churro

I always wondered what one did with all the excess hot chocolate. It’s like buying a packet of hot dogs and a bag of hot dog buns. There’s a mismatch in the count, so you’ll never finish one without have left over of the other. In this particular case, I don’t mind just simply drinking the hot chocolate straight. Sure it’s a little thick and a little less sweet than I’m used to.

But considering that I won’t have this again anytime soon, I’ll sacrifice a little sweetness for the experience.

La Rollerie JM and Coffee

La Rollerie JM and Coffee 02

Not All Sweet Things Come Fried

Wouldn’t you know it? There’s also cinnamon rolls! And you know me, I couldn’t pass this chance up. Sure, I’ll pass on the ice cream this time for breakfast, but not a cinnamon roll. This isn’t the Cinnabon cinnamon roll that I’m used to. It’s a little heavier coated with glorious amounts of chocolate. I never had a chocolate Cinnabon before, but I doubt it would taste like this.

La Rollerie Chocolate Cinnamon Roll

La Rollerie Empty Cinnamon Roll Plate

Not All Sweet Things Come Hot

Did I mention the ice cream?

No, well, allow me to say that they offer it here. It looks like gelato, but to be honest, I didn’t try any. The offerings sure did look good though. Another time my dairy enemy…

La Rollerie Gelato

Roll Yourself Over to La Rollerie

With 4 locations through central Madrid, you have no excuse to treat yourself to great food. Make your way to one of their locations anytime of the day for any meal that you fancy. They provide great service for a great price!

La Rollerie


Where do you like to go for breakfast in Madrid?!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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