Bridgetown Dining in Clyde Common

by May 19, 2014

It’s Portland dining month!

Yay, time to put on the pounds!

Clyde Common tl;dr

When walking around Portland like us, you’ll most likely pass Clyde Common many times going to and from some of the famous spots. Instead of taking a nap after a full day of exploring, we decided to check out Clyde Common due to their enticing happy hour signs place, plus it was one of the places that we had listed in our preliminary itinerary as a place to check out with a great happy hour option.

The restaurant itself comprises of a huge open dining room with a community table on the left from the door and individual tables to the center of the restaurant and the bar on the right hand side. Unfortunately when we got there, the bottom portion was full so we were the first seated upstairs which was another dining area.

In Search of Happy Hour Bridgetown Dining

Happy hour is served 7 days a week from the normal HH hours of 3pm-6pm or a late night hh from 11:00pm – close. We happened to go around 5ish hence why the restaurant was packed and probably why they ran out of the first batch of the drink of the day.

Since we were going to have dinner after, we decided to eat fairly light and do some drinking to kick off our night. For snacks we got:

  • Popcorn with brown butter and old bay: simple and tasty
  • Clyde Common Charcuterie, pickles, baguette and mustard: A simple yet solid snack which goes really well with some light drinks

For drinks we decided to try an assortment of drinks including:

  • The Daily Punch, ours that day included some mezcal and tequila
  • Heavy Petting: I mean how can you resist a drink with the name “heavy petting”. This drink included vodka, grapefruit, aperol, quinine syrup and lemon peel.
  • Bourbon Renewal: Bourbon, lemon, cassis and bitters

All in all, not a bad place for a happy hour, I’d say better for drinks than food since the food options are fairly limited. For Bridgetown dining, Clyde Common’s ranks high for their decent ambiance and are worth stopping by for some drinks.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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