Carmel’s AW Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar

by Nov 27, 2014

A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar tl;dr

Walking around downtown Carmel we were looking for a tasty happy hour. When in downtown Carmel, you eat something from the sea shore right? Nothing quite hits the spot like some raw oysters. Nadia and I were in Carmel for a Yelp event. Yes, we still go to those… just not nearly as often. Hell, we don’t do anything that we used to do nearly as often, but we found a whole set of vices to get fixated on doing.


That aside, we were in town for the event to see people, nibble this, and drink that. We figured that Carmel was much too far away from home to get totally drunk without a DD or a land yacht.

Another time, another story…

That also aside, we had left the event to walk around downtown and see what we could see and eat what we could eat. The next revelation might be a bit of a shock for those who know us, so allow me to warn you to sit down…

Are you sitting?

How about now?


We were hungry because we didn’t stalk the staff at the Yelp event like a pair of foodie vultures and snatch the food from their platters before they had a second to steam in the cold Carmel air. We actually spent our time mingling with old acquaintances and drinking new libations… erm sampling the wine offerings instead of eating. Between you and me… it’s not because we didn’t want to extend the bad reputation of Yelpers but rather I didn’t want to stand in the long ass lines. And let me tell you, the lines were long.


I’m telling you, I was literally tanning standing there waiting for the bite sized morsels. So, yes, we were a little bit hungry by the end of the event so we walked around and found this place. As it so happens we found it on the the Yelp app under the search term oysters. And oysters they had in spades. They did not disappoint. We waited for a pair of chairs at the counter and ordered fish and chips and anything and everything oysters.

The oyster shooter was tasty with just enough a kick to warm me up. The fish and chips were satisfyingly deep fried, but they didn’t put enough tartar sauce. To be quite honest, no place ever puts enough tartar sauce. I put that stuff on anything and everything deep fried… and sometimes not even then.

The bar was very nice,  and cozy with all the wood accents. Judging by the looks of the clientele, Aw Shucks is an institution there. As a side note, it was a pleasant surprise to encounter some friends. They had seen our check-in and realized that they were down the street from us so they thought to drop in and say hello. It’s always fun running into friends. Especially friends baring gifts in the form of truffle salt.

F8T Tip Go and try the food, you never know who you might run into…

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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