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Top 8 Things to Do in Austin

There’s lots of things you could do in Austin, but here’s our list of Top 8 Things to Do when in town. You can bet it’s involves eating and drinking.

Staying at Austin’s Downtown Hyatt

The Austin Hyatt was a great home away from home. It was nearby everything we wanted to see and more importantly their rooms were amazingly comfortable.

Bats of Austin

We have heard so much about the flock of bats that migrate to Austin and looked forward to witnessing the natural phenomena first hand. This is our story.

A Page Out of History at LBJ Library

We had heard that LBJ Library was an amazing visit. We had heard about the architecture of the library. But we were not prepared for all the history.

Flying Into Austin Airport

Flying Into Austin Airport is markedly different from flying out. Flying out we pleasantly surprised by our surroundings than when we first flew in.

Austin Metro

Austin Metro is a quick way to get from the airport to downtown and is very good at doing the one thing you need them to do for you.

Austin Happy Hour at Parkside

First happy hour stop of the night was at Austin’s Parkside. With such a long list of drinks and great eats, it may be our last stop for the night.

Old School BBQ

There are all kinds of bbq everywhere in Texas. But when you are looking for some pioneering bbq, look no further than the Salt Lick.

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q of Austin

Want no nonsense BBQ that will get you from starving to bursting in no time flat? Go to Rudy’s and you won’t regret it!

Foie Gras in Austin

Whenever we leave California, due to the ban, we always search out for local foie gras dishes. It is such a tasty savory dish that we can’t pass it up.

Austin Sushi at Uchi

After taking the bat and river tour, we were starving for some Austin sushi. We looked on our phones and found a sushi place not that far away.


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