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Massage at Jaens Spa Ubud

On an sialnd of so much to offer, massage services is something that they have in spades. Take advantage of their pricing while you’re there.

Balinese Baby Monkey Are SO CUTE!

The baby monkey is so cute that I simply had to post another post of just baby monkeys. Maybe it’s the same monkey but I’ll hope for more.

6 Day Week Trip to Bali

Here’s our 6 day trip itinerary to Bali, including where we stayed, things we saw, dishes we ate and even a price breakdown.

Villa Blubambu of Bali

We were in search of a place to stay in Bali that would be an oasis in a busy town while still remaining close to everything. Bali Villa Blu Bambu is it.


Welcome to Food 8nd Trips!

Her name is Nadia.
His name is John.
Their powers combined
JM and Nadia posing and laughing outside at the Presidio

They are Food 8nd Trips!

Eat your way around the world with them!

All of the F8T

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