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Eat Wagyu in Tokyo at Yoroniku

While in Tokyo, Nadia made a reservation at Yoroniku. Their simple alley entrance belied the role it would play in introducing us to wagyu!

Austin Sushi at Uchi

After taking the bat and river tour, we were starving for some Austin sushi. We looked on our phones and found a sushi place not that far away.

3 Day Weekend Trip to Portland

We have never been to the great Northwest and have heard so much about the things to do, eat, and drink. Here’s a weekend trip to Portland.


Welcome to Food 8nd Trips!

Her name is Nadia.
His name is John.
Their powers combined
JM and Nadia posing and laughing outside at the Presidio

They are Food 8nd Trips!

Eat your way around the world with them!

All of the F8T

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