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Yong Tau Fu Recipe

There are those dishes that remind you of home. This dish, Yong Tau Fu does just that. Can’t wait to make this delicious tofu and okra meal.

Sambal Okra Recipe

Sambal okra is a Malaysian dish that stirs the palate reminding them of Penang. If you like spicy okra and South East Asian cooking, this recipe is for you.

Steamed Lobster Recipe

Steamed lobster is quick, easy, and healthy way to eat lobster. More importantly it’s one of the more forgiving methods of preparing it without overcooking.

Day After Crab Boil Fried Rice Recipe

Ever go to those cajun seafood places and find yourself with a large amount of sauce? Well, don’t throw it away. Take that home and make some fried rice!

Anything Goes Roast Chicken Recipe

I love chicken… I love boiled chicken, I love baked chicken. But above all else there’s nothing quite like a roast chicken; crispy skin and tender meat.

Cajun Style Shrimp Recipe

Cajun Style Shrimp is so good! There’s something simply satisfying about the stick-to-your-ribs-cajun-sauce that inspired me to make my own.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich Recipe

Eggs can be made any number of ways making it one of the most versatile items to cook with. Here’s our Sandwich Recipe.


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