Caught in i Light Singapore’s Afterglow

by Mar 15, 2019

What are all those lights?

I don’t know but we’re going to find out.

I Light Singapore Bicentennial Edition tl;dr

  • January 28 to February 24th 2019
  • Sustainable Light Art Festival Since 2010
  • Over 30 Art Installations Teaching Sustainable Environmentally Habits

Chinese New Year is a time of celebration, scaring away evil spirits and wishing for good luck to ensure a prosperous future. There are celebrations and festivals all over Singapore and not to be literally overshadowed by anyone else is the I Light Singapore festival.

I Light Singapore is a nighttime light festival that strives to teach the merits of sustainable energy and habits enhanced in bite size tasty morsels of information for the masses with the help of technology and art. It’s all a matter of leading from doing and showing everyone that little things can make big differences to the world.

I Light Singapore Hashtag and City Gazing Singapore

Where is I Light Singapore

I Light Singapore is a sprawling nighttime light festival peppering the Singapore’s Marina Waterfront area; stretching from Fort Canning, down the river, wrapping around the Marina Promontory, and culminating at the Helix Bridge just to both the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and the Float.

I Light Singapore Map

So Many Lights, So Little Time

Sadly we didn’t really explore this festival till the last night in which case we went to try to catch a glimpse of much as possible from a convenient location. Turns out that we saw but only a few of the installations during other after hour excursions elsewhere in the city.


Not Pictured That We Saw:

Not Seen:

Cosmic Web Breeze Shelter 
The Ever Color Changing Promontory Squiggle
Nadia and Her Dad
Helix Bridge Time Vortex

Jubilee Bridge as Oriflammes

And Just Like That, It Was Gone

A lot was seen that last night of the festival. There were perceptions, views, and concepts not quite fully realized previously brought to the fore; while not fully understood in it’s complexity, the understanding that there is a connection between everything is fully conceptualized. One day we’ll get there where it all makes sense and we all live in harmony with our environment.

Dedicated to all Pioneers
~Shinichiro Watanabe

I Light Singapore


What’s your favorite nighttime festival?

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