Ching Hua Bridal Art Studio Photo Shoot

by Mar 5, 2016

Ching Hua Part 4

The Big Day is here and there’s not time to lose. There’s so much to do in one day and probably not enough time to make it a casual stroll in the park. First thing to do was that we needed to make it to the Ching Hua Bridal Art Studio!

6:00am | Woke up and had a small breakfast. Got dressed and took the metro over to the studio.

8:10am-9:22am | Made it a little late to the studio. Forgot how long it took to get there by metro. Iris unleashed her makeup powers all over me; facial makeup, eyes (most time consuming- 3 sets of lashes per eye), eyebrows, fix lashes, lips and then some. It’s the MOST makeup I’ve ever had done.

9:24am | Then she worked on my hair. She used a crimping tool to give my hair volume and then start curling it from bottom up while JM took a nap in the next room.

9:45am | She then did his makeup which mostly revolved around taming his fierce eye brows.

9:46am | The rest of the crew showed up and started loading up the taxi van.

10:34am | And we then set out on our photo journey of a lifetime, headed to the 1st spot: Taipei Songshan Airport. After getting some amazing plane photos we set out to the next place.


Ching Hua Bridal Art Behind the Scenes at the Temple with Nadia and JM Having Their Photo Taken by a Tourist


11:46am | We arrived at the 2nd spot, which turned out to be the world famous Dalongdong Baoan Temple! We were patient enough to get the timing of the pictures right with the planes overhead. It was funny that tourists visiting the temple, not knowing it was a popular wedding photo destination, started taking pictures of us too. To be a celebrity!?!?

1:41pm | After the temple we drove for, what seemed like hours, to a grassy area consisting of a park and rice fields. 

2:22pm | We pick up lunch at a roadside restaurant, a little nourishment for the grueling photo shoot.


Ching Hua Bridal Art Behind the Scenes at the Grass Area with Nadia and JM Getting Touched Up Between Photos


2:45ish | After arriving at the destination, they set out the portable changing room for me get into my white wedding dress. I ate our tasty lunch while getting my hair done. The area was a great juxtaposition of our modern day attire in such a vibrantly green environment, accented by the gentle rain sprinkles. It was refreshing though it must have been hard on Iris who touched up my hair and makeup every so often. There was a lively discussion as to what JM should ultimately wear. He tried out different combination between his black and white tuxedo, finally wearing the white tuxedo jacket with his dark blue jeans.


Ching Hua Bridal Art Behind the Scenes at the Beach with Nadia and JM with the Photographer and Assistants Making Photo Magic


3:50pm | With all the different poses and scene changes between the grass and rice, we head down to take photos at beach. We weren’t the only ones taking photos there. It was a very popular location for wedding photos. Emma reassured us that the pictures would make it look like we were all alone on a secluded beach. The power of technology!

5:00pm | Kicking the sand out of our clothes, we went to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf to use restroom and finish washing our sandy feet.

5:06pm | The drive back to the studio felt even longer after such a long day.

6:00pm | Finally back back at the studio, I put on the final blue dress, re-did my hair and makeup and JM changed into his final all black outfit.

7:00pm | It’s amazing the power of photography. In 1 room there were at least 4 backdrops with all manner of props and accents readily available to accommodate anything Emma could imagine. 


Ching Hua Bridal Art Behind the Scenes at the Studio with the Entire Crew for 1 Last Photo


8:00pm | With hundreds of photos under our belt, we finally wrapped up the shoot. Took a last shot with the entire crew. It was an honor and pleasure to have worked with all of you. Thank you for taking care of JM and I! We will cherish the experience for as long as we live. I hope we weren’t too difficult to work with.

8:30pm | Leaving the studio in our less than stylish everyday travel apparel but with all the pomp of having been in super duper pageant mode, we slowly dragged ourselves back to the hotel picking up whatever was convenient so we could go to sleep as quickly as possible.


After a Whole Day with Ching Hua Bridal Art Nadia and JM Back at the Hotel Unwinding


9:30pm | Went to sleep.  Looking back, I’d do it all over again, but with beer next time! ;D   At the end of the day, it was a bit surreal that everything was done but we were so happy at how everything had went. Not only was the crew fantastic to work with, but we truly felt like we just had a once in a lifetime experience. After it was all said and done, we were so excited to see it all come to fruition! If you’ve ever thought about getting a photo shoot done overseas, I would highly recommend getting it done in Taipei. Not only are you getting a great bang for your buck, these studios, especially Ching Hua, are true professionals at the art of bridal photography! Plus you can always make a vacation of it like we did by pairing it with an epic foodie adventure!


Disclosure | We received a discount for a forthcoming and truthful review

Ching Hua Bridal Art

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