The Event of the Summer 2016
Our Wedding

Here are a few words from those close to us….

The boogaloo groom from way too long ago.
He’s kuya-cook, my parental buffer, and the oldest man-child I know.
Insert tug down of my right under-eye lid here. ;|
Let’s ramp it up with a tongue stick-out too. ;P
~Catherine-Anne S. Axibal-Cordero
Sister of the Groom

~TL Lee
Father of the Bride

She’s our beloved daughter.
~Michelle Lee
Mother of the Bride

Bride… The Universe.
~Marcus Lee
Brother of the Bride

Bride… Met her through this person and I got custody
~Jocelyn Castro
Sister of the Bride

The groom is my King Kuya Kong, The First of his name…
~Paul Fuentebella
Grooms Alcohol Taster

Sorry, have not met the bride nor the groom yet.
~Silly Anonymous Person