We’ve Only Just Begun


The first stop on our island hopping honeymoon adventure is a stop at the Maldives! We have always loved crystal clear waters and relaxing together so what better way to kick it off than with a beach vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world!


This lovely island also known as Nadia’s hometown will get a visit on the honeymoon island stop because that’s where our second wedding reception will be taking place! In addition to celebrating with family and friends in Penang, you can be sure to find us along the streets chowing down on local Penang favorites and showing some out of town visitors the charm of Penang!


Part two of the island hopping honeymoon adventure continues in the French Polynesia where more sunning and relaxing together as a married couple will take place! We also plan on taking in the lovely island sights (one of our favorite things to do is snorkeling) and enjoying sunsets from our overwater bungalow!


Sunsets, beach, water and eating. There will probably also be some drinking! More fun times in the sun together

Bora Bora

The popular island with more pearls than you know what to do with.


A nice quiet island that has stars for night lights.