This is the Story of Our Surprise Proposal!

So what had happened was that I was making plans to propose in late August in San Diego.

However Nadia had deduced that would be the ideal time for me to pop the question and clearly said so.

I, refusing to let her ruin the surprise flatly denied such a plan.

And in doing so, resigned myself to a quick plan to surprise her with a ring from bent knee in the dwindling supply of time I had left between our tightly scheduled summer. After having searched high and low for both a photographer and saxophonist I decided to do the deed in SF where I would have more control with such inflexibility in dates.

Found a photographer who suggest a location in Point Lobos at Land’s End overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the Sutro Baths. After scouring the area not only once, but twice, did I eventually find the overlooking bluff that was in the single picture sent to me from the photog of a past shoot.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was able to come up with an excuse to get out that weekend by having miscommunicated that we would be going out the weekend before.

After having cleared up the mistake, she was looking forward solely to spending the weekend end out by the water. Booking one of the remaining, if not only hotels near the water with great reviews and even better service, I had discussed my plans for the weekend and Bobby went out of his way to arrange a few bedroom surprises for our stay.

Checking into the hotel was a surprise enough, let alone the views from the room with it’s floor to ceiling windows of the Bay and Bay Bridge.

crab 795x500

nadia with some clam chowder

We then had crab at the wharf.

I had heard that there were whale sightings at Point Lobos and wanted to make our way their. After getting their I realized I recognized our friend despite their disguise and feared that Nadia would discover her. Numerous times it looked as though Nadia spotted them and numerous times I was able to breathe again realizing she had not.

After jumping the rope to the location where I would get down on a knee there was an instance that was my greatest fear since the photogs had also jumped over the rope and were clearly behind us.

surprise follow  whales

who are they

“I think we are in their shot…

What shot?

Their shot of the whales?

Don’t worry about them…”

Handing her binoculars I asked to find the whales while I looked for the ring. However she quickly handed them back saying that she didn’t want to use these unwieldy binocs.

Flabbergasted, I quickly handed the video camera to look for whales.

She took that while, still down on one knee, looked for the ring, however she handed the camera back equally frustrated because the battery was dying. I took it back and replaced the battery and handed it back to her to continue the search for whales as I finally found the ring in my bag.

Then I waited…

And waited with the photogs….

Waited on bended knee as she panned back and forth across the horizon looking for whales.

After she finally gave up looking for whales, she turned to hand me back the camera to find me still down on bended knee with a bow tied box in my hand.

She looked at me….

The box…

The photogs…

And then back to me…

surprised her

Realization slowly creeping across her face, she stammered “Is this really happening?”

I would then tell you what happened after that, but I would need to remember it myself. I think I kind of blacked out and mumbled out every other word of a not carefully practiced speech of our life together leading up to this point.

Suffice to say, she said YES and there were tears….

What can I say, I found the area to be extremely windy and dusty. I couldn’t quite tell whether she was tearing up because I was too busy fighting back all of mine.

yes 02

Before heading back to dinner we went back to the hotel where she was pleasantly surprised with a bottle of champagne and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries courtesy of our man Bobby.

And the rest, as they say…

Is History