CREAM of San Jose

by Sep 21, 2014


Cream tl;dr

I had heard a lot about some ice cream venue making its presence felt around the Bay Area. There’s this place called Cream that all my friends would Facebook and Instagram about visiting.  The would go on and on about their new found solution to our shared sweet tooth addiction.

I was curious, but being in Berkeley made it next to undesirable. Then after seeing the line at their Palo Alto branch, I was distraught at my bad luck. Then I thought all of my hopes for experiencing this creamy concoction for myself would be dashed on the hard rocks of reality.

What is Better Than CREAMy Ice CREAM?

Until, that is, I heard that they opened a branch in downtown San Jose. In downtown San Jose across the street from the row of bars that I know of. In downtown San Jose across the street from the said row of bars that I generally frequent. It also doesn’t hurt that they are open late enough for me to stagger out of said bars for a soberingly sweet treat.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Made with 2 Different Cookies

Their deal is that you order a pair of cookies that you want to shoehorn a scoop of ice cream between. The cookies are freshly baked. The ice cream is expertly made.  Apart of the magic of this deceivingly simple creation is that the two cookies need not be the same. You can of course make the two cookies the same flavor OR you can go on the wild side and try different combinations. You’ll never know where the selection process can take you.

For example, I had walked in their not knowing what a Turtle cookie was. Apparently it’s a cookie with chocolate and caramel, and if I recall correctly, pecans as well. Intrigued I ordered a Turtle cookie matched with a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie filled with Banana Walnut Fudge ice cream which was simply amazing.

F8T Tip Don’t wait in a long line for it if you can help yourself.

Ironically I have been hearing about the crazy long lines that can form for these fancy ice cream sandwiches. In my limited experience consisting of 2-3 times, I admit that I have never been in a line longer than a handful of people. Mind you that I never want to be in a long line for anything; not for the highway on ramp, Michelin starred restaurants nor even the ER.

I could scarcely believe the long waits that I have witnessed from the cozy confines of the libation makers across the street. But when it was time for me to get mine, I walked right into the tailend of a short 5 minute line and quickly gave my order. I then exchanged my money for their ice cream and then walked out the door eating my frozen awesomeness. Walking out the same door that very same door to find anyone and everyone suddenly rushing to get theirs too.

C’est la vie!



What flavor ice cream do you like?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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