Daring to Eat Singapore Durian at Double Durian!

by Mar 12, 2019

Do you smell that?

Oh I can smell it alright!

Double Durian tl;dr

  • Durian Focussed Venue
  • You’ll Smell It Before You See It
  • Durian Dishes: Sweet AND Savory!

At Double Durian, we served healthy meatless food with fresh imported durians.
Courtesy of Double Durian’s Facebook Site

Durian, often called the King of Fruits is often looked down upon, and unjustly so. To be fair, it’s appreciation can be an acquired taste but you’d be surprised at the available durian varieties can come in; from sweet to bitter and everywhere in between.

Unfortunately, durian is one of those fruits best enjoyed fresh which means most people are eating less than fresh fruit. And you can tell when it’s not that fresh due to it’s pungent smell. This in turn leads to it’s infamous reputation, denying it’s enjoyment in hotels and transportation of it in public conveyances. Suffice to say it’s not for everyone.

You’d be surprised at how much it smells, or lack thereof, when it’s fresh. Having lunch one day, Nadia was overcome with the urge for durian. And as luck would have it, or maybe by design, we just so happened to be by a place that focussed on the usage of this kingly fruit in nearly all their offerings.

Singapore Double Durian Crepe CakeDurian Crepe Cake

Where Is It?

On the weekends, you can find Double Durian down sleepy Hamilton Road radiating calm before the culinary storm blows you away.

Singapore Double Durian InteriorDouble Durian Interior
Singapore Double Durian MenuDouble Durian Savory Menu
Singapore Double Durian Menu 02Double Durian Drink and Dessert Menu

What to Eat?

Sadly, we ate before coming here leaving us only room for a couple sweet snacks.

  • Durian Smoothie
  • Durian Crepe Cake

But judging from the menu, I see a return visit in the future.

Singapore Double Durian Nadia 02Nadia and Durian
Singapore Double Durian Cake 02Durian Shaped Cake
Singapore Double Durian CakeDurian Shaped Cake
Singapore Double Durian Vita C SmoothieVita C Durian Smoothie
Singapore Double Durian FrontageGreeted by Durian way before you ever see them!

Smell You Later!

Double Durian’s durian mille-feuille crepe cake was light and hit the spot without overwhelming my palate. And the durian shake was a welcome relief from Singapore’s heat. I have admit that it was odd sitting in a restaurant serving durian with nearly every dish in some way shape or form. Now I’ll have to find my way back to try the rest of their menu to flesh out our dining experience.

Things to Try Next Time

  • Charcoal Baked Durian
  • Yin Yang(?) Baked Durian
  • Baked Durian
You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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