Delicious Eats and Drinks at Madrid’s Tinto y Tapas Bar

by Jun 26, 2018

“i hear the sangria and tapas are great”

“hope we can fit”

Tinto y Tapas Bar tl;dr

  • It’s Cozy (Please Get There Early to Avoid the Rush and Get a Table)
  • Come for the Empanadas…
  • Stay for the Wine!

Tinto y Tapas Bar Exterior

Tinto y Tapas Bar Tapas Counter

Tinto y Tapas?

It’s another day in Madrid, and it’s another wonderfully Spanish meal. I mean to say that we all have to eat sometime and since we do that it might as well be tasty. Walking the historic streets of Madrid, we stumbled upon this quaint hole in the wall venue Tinto y Tapas. While I know that “Tapas” are small tasty plates, I didn’t know what the rest of the name meant. As it turns out, “Tinto” means wine and I like wine.

Thanks Google!

As we walked closer we noticed that they had their entire menu hand written on this white board leaned up against the exterior wall. Tapas! Wine! What else could we ask for? The conditions were right; not too expensive and wafting smells of cooked awesomeness called out to us through the cracked open entryway.

Tinto y Tapas Bar Tapas 03

Tinto y Tapas Bar Foie Tapas 03

Tinto y Tapas Bar Sangria

Tinto y Tapas Bar Interior

Smells So Good!

We couldn’t help ourselves!. We walked in and were greeted by a full frontal of clinking bottles, happy conversations and moving plates of tapas. The staff ushered us to seats at the counter and generously pushed aside the tapas throwing back sangria as we browsed their menu.

A couple of glasses later, we finally came to a couple decisions on what future our stomachs were going to have. Empanadas, open faced sandwiches and flowing sangria for the night!

Tinto y Tapas Bar Menu 01

Tinto y Tapas Bar Nadia and JM Dinner

Eat Everything!

Fortunately for us, in no time a small table by the window cleared up and I began the arduous task of shoehorning my larger frame into the cozy seat. Essentially the people at the table next to me could feel me breathing but no one seemed to mind. To be fair, I’m pretty sure the copious amount of sangria probably had something to do with the jovial impropriety of personal space.

More importantly the table was just the right size for all the food we ordered;

  • Meat emapanada
  • Sardine toasty
  • And the foie gras crostini!

Tinto y Tapas Bar Tapas 02

Tinto y Tapas Bar Tapas

Tinto y Tapas Bar Foie Tapas

Check Them Out!

If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and walk in and enjoy everything they have to offer. And they have a lot to offer!


Tinto y Tapas Bar


What’s your favorite tapas place in Madrid?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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