Desperately Seeking Indonesian Sunrise at Mount Bromo

by Apr 21, 2019

Did you just say that we’re going to see Mount Bromo is an active volcano that recently erupted?

We sure are.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour tl;dr

  • Active Volcano
  • Check Mount Bromo’s Recent Activity
  • It’s a Day Trip

Every trip revolves around a destination, whether that is a real physical destination or to do something; either which way, there’s a reason to be somewhere. But I know someone out there will say sometimes no particular reason to go somewhere is in itself a reason, albeit loosely defined reason, but a reason nonetheless.

Mount Bromo, as apart of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, is the main event, the entire reason we’re here, the ultimate destination of this trip, and judging from the pictures, is a sight to behold. I, like many travelers, have made this active volcano one of the most well known and most visited attractions in Indonesia.

nadia and jm Bromo Sunrise 03

nadia Bromo Sunrise 02

Where Is It

Mount Bromo was about 2.5 hours drive through rough roads from nearby Malang.

Map Bromo Sunrise

What to Do

The tour guides took us to Penanjakan to watch the sunrise, but getting there in itself was a process.

  • Left around midnight
  • Took us roughly 3 hours to get to the summit to watch the sunrise
  • Waited roughly an hour
  • Ate our to go hotel breakfast while waiting
  • The time came
  • Sunrise was there… behind the fog
  • Waited and still nothing

While the outcome was no desired, it was an experience. Based on the pictures that I’ve seen of other people’s experiences, I admit that it would have been amazing to see.

Jeep Bromo Sunrise

Breakfast Bromo Sunrise 02

JM Bromo Sunrise

Nadia Bromo Sunrise

Traffic Bromo Sunrise

ID Bromo Sunrise

Doing It Again?

While it was unfortunate to not see it this time, I’m sure we’ll be back sooner or later to see it one day. That aside, there were plenty of nice things to do, things to see and dishes to eat. All in all, it was an experience, and that’s what this entire thing is about.

We all want the best outcome, but the possible failure is what makes it an adventure.

Nadia and JM Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo

Penanjakan I Bromo


Which active volcano have you been to?

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