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by Jan 25, 2019

Did you hear there’s a beer hawker?

Lead the way!

On Tap tl;dr

  • As Low as $6 Pints and $17 Pitchers
  • 9 Freshly Brewed Craft Beers
  • On Tap is My Go to Spot

Who doesn’t love beer? I love beer! Nadia loves beer! You probably love beer (if you don’t then you haven’t found the one that you love yet)! Beer, or any alcohol is very pleasant and in some cases necessary.

In Singapore, as with most things, are more expensive than I’m accustomed to. Relatively speaking, it can be 3-4X more expensive than what it would normally cost in the US. So when I say that I’ve been on the search for less financially demanding fermented liquid, it’s an understatement. And I think I found just the place…

Front On Tap SingaporeOn Tap Hawker

Singapore Beer Scene

Among the Chinatown kiosks of food, you’ll find something a little different other than chicken rice, or baked good. Just off Smith Street, up the escalator near the corner, overlooking the busy street below you’ll find On Tap amid the myriad of food hawkers. Behind the counter, there are taps coming out of the counter and fridges pouring fresh, cold beer libations from $6 glasses / $17 1 liter pitchers:

  • Pilsner
  • Wheat Beer
  • English Bitter
  • Brown
  • Dunkel
  • Porter/Stout
  • Cider
  • Root Beer
  • Seasonal
2 Beers On Tap Singapore2 Pints

Something a Little Different

I first found this spot during our first nighttime forays into Chinatown. As we walked around the sprawling complex of hawkers looking for food, we stumbled into a couple of beer options; mostly all selling bottles of beer while this one sold freshly made local beer. Considering that this was all the cheapest option, we opted to give them a try and were rewarded for our leap of faith; perfectly pour pitchers and chilled pint glasses!

Sitting there drinking our beers, we discovered some our favorite hawkers in that very hall. There’s this amazing Cantonese hawker, a great tasting satay hawker, the soup dumplings around the corner and more!

Satay and Beer Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeEating and Drinking

My Go to Beer Spot in Singapore

Craft brew is always good any hot and humid day in Singapore. Any food that you can get from any of the hawkers will go really well with any of their options they offer. You can pair to your heart’s content looking for that perfect combination of cold beer and freshly cooked local fare. And what’s better than great food and drink at a great price in the Lion City, where things can be more expensive that one is used to.

Come by and have a pitcher or 2 of something tried and true or something new.
You never know what new flavor profile you’ll find.

On Tap


Where’s your brewhall of choice?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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