Drink Singapore Cocktails at 1-Altitude

by Jan 30, 2019

Do you want to go to MBS tonight?

No, but I heard there’s a taller rooftop bar!

1-Altitude tl;dr

  • Any Cold Drinks is a Good Drink
  • Look at THAT View
  • The Door Fee is Worth It

Who doesn’t like a drink? Who doesn’t like a good view? What if I told you could get both a view and drink at the same place? I was sold and I think you will be too!

Cloud Party Directions

Located in the Singapore downtown core area off the Green East-West MRT line at the Raffles City exit is a tower home to 1-Altitude! $35 SGD cover fee gets you:

  1. The elevator ride up
  2. 2 drinks (select 2 from their menu upon paying)
  3. The entire top floor yours to walk, mingle, and dance

As you exit the elevator, you’ll be immediately immersed in the music of the night. Off to the sides you’ll find the restrooms, and further in, you’ll find a bar to claim your drinks and a stage for whichever musical act they have that night.

There will be 2 sets of stairs leading to where the party is really at. At the top there’s the outer perimeter where you’ll find reserved tables, places to linger, more bar counters, and 360 degrees of amazing views! Time it right and you’ll catch the sunset show. And then you can watch the MBS light show too!

The Sky Is Yours

Walking around the top floor is like walking around clouds. You’re literally the tallest location in all of Singapore. You even look down upon Marina Bay Sands, famed boat in the sky…
Your sky!

Making the Most of It

What’s nice is on slower days, if you get there early enough, you can ask the staff if it’s ok for you to sit at one of reserved tables. Odds are they will want you to sit in it till that gets there to make it look busy.

Apparently Wednesdays are Ladies’ Night and gives women free entry!

Save yourself the hassle of going on the wrong night (or the right night) and look them up online for their schedule. You just never know what type of music will be playing:

  • Live Band
  • DJ
  • Latin Music



Where’s your view of choice?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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