Drink Singapore Cocktails at Mo Bar

by Aug 17, 2019

I guess we’re not going to see F1…

Yeah we are, and get a drink too!


  • Mandarin Oriental Bar
  • Tasty Yet Kinda Expensive Cocktails
  • You Can See the Race From Their

There are so many things going on any given time in Singapore! As you can imagine it’s sometimes hard to juggle all of them in a year, a month, much less a day. Moving so fast in this heat, it soon became time for a drink!

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Having swung by the National Gallery to watch F1, Nadia and I unfortunately found it to be closed due to a private event; honestly, we should have seen that coming. Given that we were in the area, we figured we would swing by the Mandarin Oriental to see what’s good.

That’s where we stumbled into Mo Bar;

  • Extensive Cocktail List
  • Nearly Empty of People
  • A Great View of Section of the F1 Track

Cocktail Mo Bar Singapore 04

What is It

A bar with a lot of drinks, cocktails and staff that help you get through Friday night, Saturday night, or any other night of the week. Their cocktails infuse local ingredients highlighting regional flavors. You’re paying a premium for these drinks, and for Singapore that’s saying something.

The prices aren’t ridiculous, just slightly on the higher end of the Singapore drink price spectrum. But with that being said, I highly find that the drinks is more quality than most places

It’s a swank, darkly decorated bar that probably has a dress code; safe to be at least smart casual.

Bartender at Work Mo Bar Singapore

Where is It

You can find the Mo Bar on 4th floor of the Mandarin Oriental in the Suntec Area on the Northern side of the Marina.

Cocktail Mo Bar Singapore 02

What to Do There

Side up to one of the bartenders at the counter and enjoy the night:

  • Order a Cocktail… or 3… or More
  • Talk Up the Bartender About Themselves
  • Watch Them Mix All the Drinks
  • Maybe They’ll Let You Sample All of the Cocktails They Make

Mo Bar is a great place to start or finish your night! Of course it also doesn’t hurt if you’re staying at the hotel, in which case you can end the night there by rolling yourself back up to your room; that’s what I’d do…

Bar Snacks Mo Bar Singapore



What cocktail do you like to drink?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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