Drink Singapore Cocktails at Neon Pigeon

by Feb 15, 2019

What is Neon Pigeon?

Where’s your sense of adventure…

Neon Pigeon tl;dr

  • Great Cocktails and Food
  • Awesome Music to Drink To
  • $$$$ Like Everywhere Else

Alcohol can make the night go by, sometimes too fast things blurring one moment to the next. While not necessary for a great night out, it doesn’t hurt if you’re one of the few who know how to handle their liquor. Don’t worry if you do not fall into that category, you can get better with practice wherever you can find it.

Cocktails! A delicious mix of this liquor with a splash of that liquor, and then a whole lot of you will hopefully come out to a great tasting outcome!

I LOVE, LOVE, love finding small little hidden drinking gems in the most random of areas. Back in California I used to go to a then-lowkey, now-defunct Korean bar that was a small hidden space that was fun to pass the time at. There were a lot good nights, fun memories, and even more lost memories there.

Art Work Neon Pigeon SingaporeMike Tyson?

Neon Spot

Neon Pigeon should be called Camouflage Pigeon because of how hard it is for me to find. To be fair, my navigation abilities may have been hindered by earlier drinking sessions….

Surprisingly to me, these back streets around Tanjong Pagar were quickly filling up with nightlife. These things are interesting to check it out before full blown craziness. In Tanjong Pagar’s Duxton Hill, there’s a kind of hidden gem of a bar called Neon Pigeon.

If you didn’t see it, you would have a perfectly good excuse because it blends so well into the wall that it is easily mistaken as an extension of either (at least for me). It was like I was walking down an endless street of more of the same. You can differentiate the different venues by carefully spotting Neon Pigeon’s namesake bright lit in their window.

You’ll then enter a largish bar to find tables and counters quickly filling up with both party goers, liquor aficionados and barflys. The space definitely makes the most of the limited space available, especially when it gets crowded. Neon Pigeon is definitely a venue that offers you and your party a more intimate experience.

Bartender at Work Neon Pigeon SingaporeAnother Cocktail

Neon Drink Masters

The night we were there, we were spoiled by both the house and guest bartenders. Neon Pigeon’s mixologists provided the 2 essential ingredients for amazing atmosphere that permeated the bar throughout the night:

  1. Charming personalities
  2. Masterful mixing skills

These liquor barons were both mind readers and jesters, constantly keep us entertained with their mixing and glued to our seats with their life stories. Then again, it could have been all the alcohol in my head playing to the pounding beats of the bar’s music list.

Their Smoked Old Fashioned was both an amazing feat of drink creation; to watch the smoke coat the both the liquor and glass was mesmerizing. Unsure that they bring that drink back, a handful of tasting throughout the night help burn it’s memory both into my mind and my tongue.

Cocktail Cheers Neon Pigeon SingaporeMy Mimosa

Neon Lit!

Beats and drinks! What else do you need? Neon Pigeon is definitely a fun place to be at and if you happen to be in the area or are in search of a fun place to go you could do worse. Go and find out for yourself!

Neon Pigeon


What cocktail do you enjoy the most?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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