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by Nov 22, 2018

“Where’s this bar?”

“It’s located down the alley, past the trashcan, through the unmarked door.”

Junior “The Pocket Bar” tl;dr

  • “Hidden” Bar
  • Rotating Bar Style
  • They Offer Food Too

Ever been to a speakeasy? Heck, I didn’t quite know what a speakeasy was till I heard about this hard to find bar. It’s such a foreign concept to me; I figure a business would want more people to know where they are but perhaps they are onto something. A little privacy goes a long way I suppose, especially when you’re a little intoxicated.

Alcohol being so expensive in Singapore, you gotta be more selective of where you go imbibe your libations.

I, myself, have never been to a speakeasy so I jumped at the first chance to checkout Junior. So let me tell you that it’s exciting to go somewhere they’ll eventually know your name, eventually.

Skull Glass Junior SingaporeSkull Shaped Glass
Bartender Mixing a Drink Junior SingaporeBartender Making My Drink

Knock Knock!

Wandering the streets of Tanjong Pagar, we walked back and forth looking for this bar. We knew the general location but had to figure out the rest.

We made a left, a right, and saw a door. We knocked, then we were asked a question and replied with a specific answer… And I don’t know what else to say that would give the impression of illusive grandeur that one would expect of speakeasy cloak and dagger type of mysteries.

I just made all that password and spy stuff up.

Just Kidding

Just walk in to find yourself within a small bar with a handful of tables. We were told that we had some time before the reserved space would be claimed but that in the mean time to enjoy their services. And that’s what we did.

Mr Bartender explained that Juniors was at the time a tequila/mezcal bar and all about its production and how to drink it. He then offered a menu of Mexican cuisine to us, ideally to compliment the liquor’s flavor. Nadia ordered a tequila cocktail and I ordered a mezcal cocktail, both slowly consumed passing the time till it was time to leave.

Bartender and Cocktail Junior SingaporeLos Danzantes Mezcal
Old Fashioned at Junior SingaporeSalud!


By the way, did I mention that the bar type changes every so often? Not only is Juniors a small pocket bar that is hidden in plain sight, the bar style changes every so often.

What that means is that one day they could be a vodka bar, and the next time it could be a tequila bar.

From what I hear, it last changed into a New Orleans style bar with complete with hurricane cocktails and fried beignets.

Go check them out before they become something else.

Junior “The Pocket Bar”


What’s your favorite cocktail?!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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