Eat Avante Garde Singaporean at Magic Square

by Feb 25, 2019

Where are you girls eating tonight?

Some place called Magic Square…

Magic Square tl;dr

  • Seasonal Singaporean Menu
  • 2 Passionate Chefs
  • All About the Food

Everyone needs some time out! Be it solo time or be it with your close friends. Just some you time! Nadia went out recently to this oddly sounding Magic Box out in the middle of western Singapore, an area that we’ve never ever been to.

When she came back, she raved about how good this Magic Square (keep your innuendo to yourself, hahaha) is. The 2 chefs that run this culinary outpost are all about the food and bringing out the very essence of that food.

I don’t know about the name Magic Square, but for anyone to get Nadia to admit that goat is tasty, they should have changed their name to the Magic Show! Be sure to get your tickets, erm, reservations now; they are only around for a limited time.

Food Explanation Magic Box SingaporeAn Introduction the Magic Box Service

Where is Magic Square?

In a small overlooked midwestern corner of Singapore is an area known at Portsdown. You’ll find other restaurants and stores in the area though small parts of the area seems like stepping back into history to a time when Singapore was a little less developed.

Menu Magic Box SingaporeMagic Box Menu
Open Kitchen Interior Magic Box SingaporePatiently Waiting For the Show

Magic Square Method

Given the nature of direction of this cooking pop up experiment, the only thing you can expect is a high level of technique, quality of ingredient and that there is such an intense focus on the food that they’ve minimized everything else.

In their great wisdom, the chefs chose to limit their number of daily meal seatings to twice a day. Furthermore, there’s only one communal table for all to share in their prepared meals, served all at the same time.

With all that being said, you literally may not have the same meal twice at Magic Square. There’s not much to say other than look at the food and drool at their creations before they got devoured to never be tasted again.

Bean Salad Turnip Sambal Hijau Magic Box SingaporeBean Salad, Turnip Puree, Sambal Hijau
Nasu Scallop Miso Wasabi Magic Box SingaporeNasu, Scallop Miso, Mountain Wasabi
Beef Tartare Betel Leaf XO Magic Box SingaporeBeef Tartare, Betel Leaf, XO
Choux Farci Onion Angelica Root Magic Box Singapore 02Choux Farci, Burnt Onion, Angelica Root
Choux Farci Onion Angelica Root Magic Box SingaporeExposed Choux Farci, Burnt Onion, Angelica Root
Hairtail Rempah Candlenut Milk Magic Box SingaporeHairtail, Green Rempah, Candlenut Milk
Maitake Kombu Ginseng Magic Box Singapore 02Maitake, Kombu, Ginseng
Food Prep Magic Box SingaporeGoat Preparation
Welsh Baby Goat Turmeric Pumpkin Serundeng Magic Box SingaporeWelsh Baby Goat, Turmeric, Pumpkin, Serundeng
Burnt Mango Kaffir Whey Prep Magic Box SingaporeMango Preparation
Burnt Mango Kaffir Whey Magic Box SingaporeBurnt Mango, Kaffir, Whey
Coconut Sorbet White Ruby Pandan Magic Box SingaporeCoconut Sorbet, White Ruby, Pandan

Really appreciated the story telling behind the innovative dishes spotlighting local ingredients.
~Nadia Lee

Taste the Magic

And just like that, their meal was over and more likely than not, they would never have that same exact meal ever again. But that’s the nice thing about loving magic, even if you know the secret (or if you think you know), there’s always so much more magic in the world to see, or eat, that is.

I guess the best things come just before the end, building upon their magical food show to the very end. As I hear it, they will soon expand their meal service to lunchtime. Enjoy it while it lasts because before you know it, the year long venue known as Magic Square will be up and just like that, they’ll be gone.

Magic Square


Where’s your favorite local spot passionate about the food and nothing but the food?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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