Eat Chijmes Surf and Turf at New Ubin Seafood

by Nov 6, 2018

“What should we eat here?”

“I don’t know but they have foie gras AND crab AND steak!”

New Ubin Seafood tl;dr

  • Fresh Crab
  • Delicious Steak
  • Air Conditioned Chijmes

Perfection is a hard thing to find. Some people say it’s not possible because it’s something that can’t be attained. Since moving to Singapore, I’ve been on a mad dash to find replacements for comfort foods that I never had to look for before. Keng Eng Kee was as great a value as I could find to crab perfection. You’d think I’d be satisfied with finding my crab go to. But it’s good to have options.

There’s all manner of reason why one would branch out to new locations:

  • Something new
  • Familiar haunts are busy/closed
  • Spontaneity
Logo New Ubin SingaporeCrab Logo

A New Day, A New Meal

Being familiar with the restaurant New Ubin Seafood, Nadia and I found a much more convenient location in central Singapore at popular Chijmes. Considering this location, it’s a little more expensive than their original industrial location on Hillview but for the accessibility it is well worth the price; I can easily take the metro here.

They have it all here, both seafood and non seafood alike in both traditional and foreign preparations. There’s vegetables, beef, crab and more!

There’s all types of reasons to go to a specific restaurant:

  • Recommendations
  • It’s the New Social Media Hotness
  • Specialty Dishes
Vegetables New Ubin Seafood SingaporeChinese Broccoli

Traditional Dishes

Given all the food you can eat, it’s always important to round out your meals with some vegetation. I personally, do not eat as much as I should, but with Nadia ordering, I’m assured to get my daily minimum. Between you and me, I’m not big on cooking vegetables, at least not a large variety of recipes under my belt. But when I have so many options available, it’s hard not to try new dishes.

Water Spinach New Ubin SingaporePea Shoots
Kang Kong New Ubin SingaporeWater Spinach

My personal favorite was the crispy and spicy eggplant dish.

Eggplant New Ubin SingaporeCrispy Eggplant

Egg foie! SO RICH, SO GOOD!

Foie and Egg New Ubin SingaporeFoie with Soft Boiled Egg

Other Than Crab

First off, just because they have Seafood in their name doesn’t mean it’s the only they offer. Their menu is much more versatile than their name would suggest. Surprisingly they offer foie gras! I wouldn’t have expected to find foie gras common place in Singapore, though to be fair considering how cosmopolitan the country is, you will be able to find foie here easier than you would than other places in the region.

Not only do they serve foie, but they prepare it in more than one way. You have the more traditional seared foie on toast served with a sauce to cut that richness. But they also serve it in this utterly decadent egg dish. If you love foie, then you can’t go wrong with either or both choices.

Foie Over Bread New Ubin SingaporeFoie Gras Satay

There’s plenty of other dishes; more traditional like oyster omelettes and more foreign like BBQ pork ribs!

Pork Ribs New Ubin SingaporePork Ribs
Egg New Ubin Seafood SingaporeSmoked Pork Belly Omelette
Oysters New Ubin SingaporeOyster Omelette
Squid New Ubin Seafood SingaporeSalted Egg Squid
Pepper Crab New Ubin Seafood SingaporePepper Crab

Tried and True Crab

Chili crab is always a crowd pleaser though pepper crab is giving it a nice run for it’s money. Versus other venues, New Ubin created their own spin on both the classic sauces; both solid flavors.

My only complaint, if it can be considered that…. More like an observation, is regarding the buns. They aren’t bad. They aren’t great. But with that being said, it is nice that you can get both the fried and steamed varieties here.

Chili Crab New Ubin SingaporeChili Crab
Garlic Crab New Ubin Seafood SingaporeGarlic Crab
Steak New Ubin Seafood SingaporeRib Eye

Crab, No Crab, All Heart Attack

This is what we came for. The entire reason for coming to this place was because it was recommended for this steak dish. The quality of the beef with all the sauces is an instant hit. What completes this dish is the fried rice that comes out with it. Not only do you get the tender medium rare steak, you get all the juices and left over drippings incorporated into this insanely great tasting fried rice.

I have to stop talking about it or I’m liable to head over there right now!

Fried Rice New Ubin SingaporeRib Eye Drippings Fried Rice
Assorted Fruits New Ubin SingaporeFruit Plate

Good Options

While I have my default locations for certain dishes, New Ubin is a great place to get it all under one roof! I get both my chili crab and foie gras! If that isn’t an instant heart attack, throw in the pork and the steak, you’re good as done. It’ll be worth it though.

New Ubin Seafood | CHIJMES


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