Eat Dolphin Market’s Great Langoustine Poke Experience

by Sep 20, 2019

How hungry are you?

Not that hungry, but I could eat…

The Dolphin Fish Market tl;dr

  • There’s the Restaurant and Then There’s the Market Out Back
  • Tons of Poke Options Both Common and Unique
  • A Little More Expensive Than Most Places

I’ve eaten a lot of poke in my time and to say that I was surprised by the langoustine poke is no understatement. Maybe I’ve never really looked for it before or never took notice but I will now. Thank you Dolphin Fish Market!

Nadia had wanted to go check out a poke place in Hanalei that she heard served a little known poke varietal that I had never tried before. Finding the Dolphin isn’t too hard considering it’s just off the main road.

As we pulled up, we realized that the restaurant isn’t where we wanted to go. I noticed sign pointing around to the side that there was another entrance and that was where we wanted to go. Essentially it appeared to be like any other fish monger that you’d find all around the Hawaiian Islands serving poke and sushi and other prepared raw ingredients.

Hanalei Dolphin Kauai HI (3)

What I didn’t know, what I never thought to look for, what I hadn’t tried before is this langoustine poke. Nadia ordered some langoustine, tuna and hand rolls to go and off we went. We drove till we found a suitable place to enjoy our snacks not realizing it’s potential.

I don’t normally go into great detail about how things taste since, like beauty, the experience is all in the eye, or rather the palette of the beholder, as it were. But when I say that I haven’t tried anything quite like this before, and I’ve tried a lot of things, then you can bet it is something different. 

The creaminess of the poke marinade, plus the sea salty texture of the tobiko(?) only enhances the rich langoustine flavor melding all together into a one of a kind experience. 

What is It

Allow me to preface this with the notice that I’ve never eaten at the Dolphin Restaurant. I just wasn’t that hungry.

However I always have the appetite to nosh on snacks and the Dolphin Fish Market out back didn’t disappoint. You can get ready to eat sushi, or prepared fish for you to cook at home. There’s so much variety of food that you could feed an army of people.

If that’s any indication of what can be had at the restaurant then I’d imagine it would be an experience.

Hanalei Dolphin Kauai HI (8)

Where is It

The Dolphin Fish Market can be found around the side toward the back part of the Dolphin Fish Restaurant, located in Hanalei on the northern shore of Kauai.

Hanalei Dolphin Kauai HI (4)

Hanalei Dolphin Kauai HI (9)

Eat all the poke before I get back because I’m going to get all their Langoustine Poke!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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