Eat Gardens By the Bay Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve at McDonald’s

by Nov 14, 2018

“Thai milk tea sounds glorious in this heat!”

McDonald’s Thai Milk Tea tl;dr

  • NEW Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve
  • Seasonal Soft Serve Flavors Only at Select McDonald’s
  • Cold Things Make Jungle Heat and Humidity Bearable

Singapore is a hot and humid concrete jungle of a country. I’ve learned to take refuge from both the sun as much as possible when I’m out and about. Sometimes that leads me to places that I wouldn’t have expected or discover new and delicious things.

As any other day, as I was walking toward Gardens By the Bay, I walked into a McDonald’s as I want to do. However unlike my usual behavior, this action to beat the heat led me to find out something new, both about Singapore and McDonald’s. Some McDonald’s branches have special dessert kiosks that offer seasonal flavors when they have them.

It is not often, but as I found, that when it is offered you should take them up on it. Who knows when it may be offered ever again?

And how do I know? Because at the McDonald’s next to where I live, they only offer regular flavors versus other locations.

Signage Milk Tea Soft Serve McDonalds Singapore

Thai Milk Tea?

McDonald’s has Thai Milk Tea soft serve? What to do? McDonald’s is always teasing and testing my assumptions about tastes and textures.

Having discovered Thai Milk Coffee, I don’t typically purchase Thai Milk Tea anymore. Standing there, I tried to contemplate what this would taste like as a soft serve item. I literally stood there and failed miserably, not being able to remember what Thai milk tea tastes like.

I relented and gave in to both the heat and my curiosity and ordered one for myself.

JM Eating Milk Tea Soft Serve McDonalds Singapore

Thai Milk Tea

Imagine Thai milk tea, black tea laced with condensed milk highlighted with tamarind and star anise and whatever other spices that make it taste “Thai”, but in a semi solid form served in a McDonald’s cake cone. Typically with foreign flavors I’m a little wary of biting off more than I can chew, prompting me to buy it this soft serve cut with half plain vanilla, hopefully mellowing whatever strong flavor Thai milk tea turned out to be.

JM Milk Tea Soft Serve McDonalds Singapore

Thai Milk Tea!

Yes, it is great! Nice and creamy bursting with Thai Milk Tea flavor but not cloyingly so. It was a nice icy cold sweet relief from the weather.

I wish they had these things more often.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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