Eat HK Dai Pai Dong at Tung Po Kitchen

by Aug 21, 2019

How did he open that beer bottle?

I saw it, but I still don’t understand it.

Tung Po Kitchen 東寶小館

  • Come Hungry
  • Learn a New Chopstick Skill
  • Leave Full of Food and Laughs

Hong Kong, home to so much food, there’s literally food in any direction you look at; from the highest of high end food to the humble street stall! There’s everything under the rainbow for your discerning taste bud. But there’s so much more to eating than simply eating…

You musn’t forget the entire eating experience! With so many choices around, there’s one place in particular that sticks out that can both feed your entire group and entertain you at the sametime!

Where do you go?

Tea Prep Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

ENTER Tung Po Kitchen!

Imagine you’re out on the town in Hong Kong with your friends looking for somewhere to eat. You’re running around seeing all the sights but want to sit down to some unpretentious, down to earth, soul warming HK food AND some atmosphere.

Tung Po is that place where you go to eat with your friend, your friends, your entire family, OR your entire department to get some home cooked meals that scream to your taste buds while owner and entertainer Robby Cheung makes the rounds taking orders and pouring drinks.

What’s a Dai Pai Dong

It’s truly one of Hong Kong’s last culinary vestiges of once mid 1900’s street food scene where open air street market eateries reigned supreme! While I’m familiar with open air markets like Singapore’s hawker centers, Hong Kong’s version is called Dai Pai Dong (Big License Stall) and there’s fewer and fewer of them around.

Suffering from a drop in popularity and due to legislation, passing of dai pai dongs are severely limited.

While some Dai Pai Dong’s still occupy street spaces, Tung Po has relocated within a North Point building featuring certain luxuries not found outside:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Better Protection from the Elements

Beer Pouring Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong


Tofu Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong China

What is It

Robby Cheung’s Tung Po is a local open market style eatery which serves an eclectic collection of Chinese Hong Kong food to everyone; ranging from traditional dishes to more modern fusions! They are great for large groups and at night they play music.

Let the party begin!

Some of their scrumptious Signature dishes are:

  • Steamed Clams
  • Roast Chicken
  • Deep fried pork knuckles

One thing to note about going with a lot of people, it’s easy to lose track of what was ordered… But rest assured everything has me wanting to go back again sooner than later!

And let’s not forget their victory beer bowls!
It’s the only way to properly celebrate at Tung Po!

Appetizer Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Chicken Tung Po Kitchen Hong KongChicken Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Where is It

Hidden among market stalls, Tung Po is located in the 2nd floor of a cooked food center building in North Point.

Pork Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Eggplant Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Clams Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

What to Do There

Yummy Eat… YUM SING!

First things first, make sure you got a group of hungry and thirsty people to bring AND that you made a reservation for your outing! While not always necessary, it doesn’t hurt to give them a lot of notice of your group’s plans.

That aside, there’s literally 5 things to do (at least in my mind) at Tung Po while having a great time doing it with your group!

  1. Order Food
  2. Eat Food
  3. Pop Bottles of Beer
  4. Drink Bottles of Beer
  5. Repeat as often as possible
  6. Option to Sing Along to the Evening Songs

To be fair you could come with a small group of yourself or maybe another friend. While permissible, I would advise coming in a larger group to taste MORE food!

If you’re lucky, owner Robby Cheung will show you the ropes of how to eat, drink, and be merry! He’s got more than a big smile, and dance moves up his sleeve. Ask him to show you how to open a bottle of beer (you’ll need chopsticks)!

Green Beans Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Pork Knuckle Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

Come over and pull up a stool! Order food and beer, or beer and food and pass the night away with friends, both new and old singing songs of yesteryear!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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