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by Feb 21, 2019

I want more dim sum!

Let’s check this other place out.

Dim Dim Sum Jordan 點點心點心專門店 tl;dr

  • Variety of New and Traditional Dishes
  • Very Local Feel
  • Reasonable Price

Can you ever get enough dim sum? There’s so many different variations on the humble small dishes that the sky’s the limit. Of course, some purists out there don’t look to kindly on the adaptations, fusions, evolutions of the culinary art. I have dim sum on the brain and fortunately this restaurant brings a couple of new twists to the genre even though I always get the same base dishes for comparison to other places.

Where do I stand on the subject? I simply like tasty! It could be the most traditional dish in the history of cooking or maybe even something so out of this world that it can be barely recognized as to belonging to any single cuisine so as long as I find it mouth wateringly delicious.

Typically when I go somewhere, the saying that the “longer the line, the better the food must be” gets thrown around a lot. For me, it’s typically the longer the wait, the better the food BETTER be. Thankfully we got to Dim Dim Sum before opening (notice a trend) and beat the line again! I find that waiting for a restaurant to open is always shorter than waiting in line to get seated.

Placemat Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaDim Dim Sum Welcome

Where Is It?

Lost in the commercial throng of Kowloon’s Jordan area, Dim Dim Sum successfully operates on the street level sandwiched between hotels, residential high rises, and office buildings. Just outside Austin MTR, a 4 minute walk will help build up an appetite for a lot of dim sum. Right there on the corner is a very unassuming restaurant that belies it’s dim sum mastery.

I admit that going here would take some effort. With all the dim sum spots in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Hong Kong Island areas, you’d be pressed to go here. Unless of course you’ve tried them all and are in search of something new.

Nadia Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaNadia with Dim Sum

What We Ate

We ordered Dim Dim Sum take on a lot of things plus their own signature items:

  • Siomai (pork dumpling)
  • Zhaliang (noodle wrapped Chinese fritter stick)
  • Egg and Beef Over Rice
  • Glutinous Rice
  • Seafood Stuffed Eggplant
  • Steamed Beef Balls
  • Piggy Looking Dessert Buns

Everything was solid dishes. The skins and wrappers were thin. The ingredients fresh. I don’t know if this is an everyday experience but I wouldn’t mind going here everyday, especially at this price. I don’t normally order rice bowls but figured why not. Nothing to write home about, but it was a decent bowl of rice topped with beef and egg. Can’t go wrong with that!

Rice Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaGlutinous Rice
Assorted Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong China 02Some of the Dim Sum We Ordered
Pork Dumpling Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaSiomai
Egg Pork Rice Clay Pot Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaEgg Over Rice
Eggplant Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong ChinaSeafood Stuffed Eggplant

Was It Good?

Everything was good. I’ll have to check out their other branches which are closer to where I would normally be in Hong Kong. Other than the price and taste, have you seen the desserts?

Look at those cute pig faced buns and tell me that you wouldn’t enjoy eating them. They are screaming out, “please eat me!” Not only that, they are filled with salted egg custard! And yes, if you poke them anywhere and squeeze, salted egg gooey goodness oozes out in the most appetizing way.

Pig Custard Bun Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong China 02Pig Faced Salted Egg Custard Buns

Worth Going Back?

At the end of the day, a gentle balance between quality, service, price, location and overall value is in play when ultimately judging whether I’d return to a place. Sometimes some factors outweigh other factors, and sometimes repeat patronage can be purely be by luck of the draw. If I’m ever in Jordan again, I’ll drop by for a dish or 5. But I’ll probably eat your dishes at another location.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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