Eat Hong Kong Hot Pot at SUPPA 十下火鍋

by Aug 26, 2019

Where are we? Looks like we’re on a set of a movie…

Life’s but a movie…

SUPPA 十下火鍋

  • Retro Time Warp Decor
  • Delicious Hot Pot Broths and Ingredients Value Sets
  • Table Side Service Because I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Imagine if you will, ending a cold night with a home cooked meal. HOT POT in HONG KONG! I never grew up in Hong Kong but I imagine that if I did that this would be what home looked like (probably a lot smaller). Entering the space I felt transported back in time by about 2-3 decades.

SUPPA is a no nonsense hot pot type of place… Kinda like my mom:

  • Order Your Food Set (order more a la carte if you want)
  • Cook Your Food
  • Eat Your Food

They have so many different sets of food that they make it very easy to sit, cook and eat and get back to actually having a family meal like you would at home (not quite like my home, but just as I imagine this being my home, I’m imagining eating at a table talking with family). Being extra hungry we ordered 2 sets with their broth that was closest to collagen broth that we had developed a taste for.

Honestly, I think that’s what we ordered because the menu wasn’t in English, nor did they have one. I’m simply basing that statement on the observation of what came out after Nadia spoke with the staff.

Whatever was said, whatever was communicated, the meal was great! It warmed the soul with it’s delicious broth and filled me up with their quality ingredients. At one point, I wasn’t sure what to do with the bowl of “paste” so one of the staff was so kind as to demonstrate spooning little balls of the “paste” into the broth to cook; my very own DIY fish and meat balls to eat with the balls we ordered(?)!

We ended up being very full (surprise surprise)! But we had so much food left that I had to bring it back to the hotel. Fortunately for us that we had a fridge in the room. And you know what, the buckwheat (?) noodles were AMAZING the next day; maybe it soaked up all the flavors from the broth.

Interior Suppa Hong Kong China

Lobster and Shellfish Suppa Hong Kong China

What is It

SUPPA 十下火鍋 is a hot pot restaurant that has all the comforts of eating at home without eating at home.

  • Hand Cut Beef
  • Fresh Caught Seafood
  • Recently Harvested Vegetables
  • Handmade Fish and Beef Balls
  • Fish and Beef Pastes

Vegetables Suppa Hong Kong China

Meat and Fish Balls Suppa Hong Kong China

Where is It

SUPPA 十下火鍋 is located on the 2nd floor in Causeway Bay. Something I’ve come to realize is that in Asia, food dining buildings will typically designate an entire floor for a restaurant. I never realized that, I figured the signs were advertising versus being the names of restaurants.

I was that guy walking around the same building looking for a way to get to this restaurant till it dawned on me that I needed to take the elevator that would bring me straight to where I wanted to go.

Meat Pastes Suppa Hong Kong China

Nadia and JM Suppa Hong Kong China

Staff Helping Cook Suppa Hong Kong China

Dim Lit Interior and Chandelier Suppa Hong Kong China

Love the broth, the ingredients, the space… Love everything about this place!

SUPPA 十下火鍋


How do you stay warm during cold HK nights?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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